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On the Brink: Federal Lawmaker Warns Bandits on Verge of Overrunning Zamfara

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GUSAU, Nigeria – Kabiru Adamu, a member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives from Zamfara State, issued a grim warning on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, stating that the state capital, Gusau, is on the brink of falling to bandits.

The distressing revelation came amidst a troubling rise in violent incidents, including rampant rape of women and children.

Representative Adamu’s report laid bare the chilling realities on the ground, suggesting an escalating security crisis that has left the state government seemingly powerless to stop the violence.

Painting a horrifying picture of a region spiraling into chaos, the lawmaker warned that bandits needed urgent intervention to prevent a complete takeover.

“Inaction at this juncture would be catastrophic. I implore the President to direct the service chiefs to take immediate and decisive action,” Adamu stated, emphasizing the situation’s urgency. “The safety of lives and properties are at stake, and the very fabric of our state is under threat.”

The lawmaker’s urgent appeal underscores the deteriorating security situation in Zamfara State and heightens the call for swift, strategic measures to curb the escalating violence.

The situation in Zamfara, according to Representative Adamu, extends beyond isolated incidents of crime, to a systemic security crisis that threatens not just Gusau but the entire state.

“The bandits’ actions have far-reaching implications,” Adamu said. “This is not just a threat to the peace and security of Gusau, but to the entire state of Zamfara.”

Adamu’s warnings are a grim reminder of Nigeria’s increasingly volatile state of security, particularly in the northern states, which have been hard-hit by insurgent activity and banditry.

The lawmaker’s call to action highlights the urgent need for a robust and coordinated response to the security crisis to avert an even more devastating scenario.

Tensions in Enugu: Protests Against Government ‘Sit-at-Home’ Shutdowns Turn Deadly

Spontaneous protests broke out across parts of Enugu on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, resulting in the reported deaths of three civilians.

The protests were against the closure of businesses by Governor Peter Mbah’s administration, a move aimed at countering the sit-at-home order imposed by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

Witnesses reported that police, dispatched by the state government, used live ammunition to disperse the crowd, resulting in the deaths.

The demonstrations, originating at Ogbete Main Market – the state’s largest and one of the biggest in the southeast – quickly spread to nearby Ogui Road.

Protesters ignited bonfires in the middle of roads, chanting slogans against the government.

“Governor Mbah’s administration is infringing on our rights to Freedom of Choice,” declared one protester. “How does it concern them if we decide not to go to work on any particular day. It is within our rights to decide when and how to do our business, as long as we do not infringe on the law.”

The governor’s directive to close businesses has affected livelihoods, sparking outrage among youths and residents who depend on daily earnings from the market services.

The anger has amplified the protesters’ numbers, leading to the barricading of roads leading to the Ogbete Market, Okpara Avenue, and Ogui Road.

Residents are condemning Governor Mbah for neglecting the state’s economy and security to focus on the shutdown of businesses.

Many are questioning his priorities amidst escalating criminal activities.

“People are kidnapped in many parts of the state every day,” another protester said. “The government should first get rid of the criminals that attack us on Mondays when we open for business so that we can find it safe to open our shops and conduct our businesses.”

Upon taking office on May 29, 2023, Governor Mbah banned the IPOB’s sit-at-home order and threatened to penalize civil servants and private businesses failing to operate on Mondays.

The governor’s directive, however, contradicts the State Police Command’s stance, which maintains that the state must foster a conducive business environment rather than force citizens to open their businesses.

The forceful business closures have coincided with a resurgence in violent crime and kidnapping across the state, an issue citizens are blaming on the governor’s order.

As the security situation deteriorates, Governor Mbah’s focus on enforcing business operations raises questions about his administration’s priorities amid the mounting challenges.

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