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Opinion: Tinubu Vs Saraki… The Die Is Cast

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The current crisis rocking the APC might be considered retribution, in other words, as Karma.
From every indication, the war has come to centre categorically between Bukola Saraki, The Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Leader of the APC.

The crisis was further deepened by Saraki’s subsequent disregard of his party in nominating party-chosen candidates to principal offices in the senate. The follow up by the speaker of the House of Representatives in toeing the line of the senate president which resulted in the show of shame by the APC law makers last week.

One could have thought that maturity and wisdom could have played a major in curbing the crisis rocking the APC, but from every indication, it seems that these factors have not been employed by the APC big wigs in arriving at a solution, instead it looks and feels that both the power blocs of the senate president and that of the party leader has declared an all out war on each other.

In the game of politics, both Tinubu and Saraki are not men that one can underestimate, for both men have their strong points and are not new to the game. Both have a record of being political savvy and knowing their game very well. Tinubu is a man that is believed to posses the Midas touch and every political move he makes always favors him and goes according to his plan, but political analysts across the nation believe that he has met his match in the game.

The war as it is right now can be narrowed down between Saraki and Tinubu.
It is my humble opinion that this war is not one that Tinubu can win. Going by his antecedents, Tinubu is a man that plays dirty and who knows the power of the media. His modus operandi being to tarnish the image of his enemies in the media by his media organizations. This is a vital part in his strategy. It was utilized to the highest effect during the fight against the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Tinubu will role out all his might through his media henchmen to rubbish the person of the senate president. This is his classic strategy of  And it has already begun.
But like some political analysts will agree, the case of Goodluck Jonathan and Saraki are not the same, both in technicality and nature.  Jonathan being a candidate of the public opinion through the ballot box while Saraki is a candidate of the senate through the votes of his colleagues. The odds are simply against Tinubu in this war. On a deep analysis, one will find that it not exactly a war between Tinubu and Saraki, but a war between some northern bloc and Tinubu. The north will always protect its own. While Tinubu goes on with his media slander and defamation of the person of the senate president, Saraki should focus more on consolidating his position by bringing more of his colleagues to his side. He already has the PDP senators and some senators from his own party. He should focus more on bringing more APC senators to his side. Then he should also work on the powers that be, his backers. But, like mentioned above, Saraki is a man that knows his politics and it is my humble believe that as the war has been openly declared, he will not fold his hands and allow Tinubu to bring him down.
Saraki is Tinubu’s nemesis and what we are witnessing now is the battle between the old and new. Saraki being the symbol of new and youth. Who happens to have the goodwill of the people on his side. This is the beginning of the end for Tinubu. One might think that Tinubu is invincible in politics, but it is a universal law that an angry man does not have the power to think straight and Tinubu is a man who is very much angry, and in his anger, he make mistakes which Saraki in his usual smiling way will happily capitalize.

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