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Osinachi’s Death: ‘What A Wife Should Do If Beaten By Her Husband’ – Pastor Chris Ojigbani [MUST READ]

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[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]esterday, a sister, Sister Osinachi, died.

A gospel singer is one of the most profound gospel singers in the world today.

The lady that sang EKWUEME. People cry when she sings. When she sings, her voice makes people cry.

When you listen to her, you go to the throne of God.

You go to the throne of heaven immediately.

Without any posing, she sings naturally.

She died yesterday because of domestic violence.

It was alleged that her husband beat her to death.

She died from beating! It’s so painful because she’s one of the gospel singers I love her voice. I love her voice so much.

If you listen to her, you will know that she truly worships the Lord. She doesn’t pose or pretend to worship.

She worships from her heart. She instantly takes you to the throne of heaven without wasting time.

Look at the manner she died— beaten by her husband.

The person that is supposed to love her more than any other person.

Now, let me use this opportunity to talk to men.

You don’t have the right or the authority to beat your wife. You don’t have the right to beat anybody. Nobody has the right to beat another human being.

You didn’t create the person. It’s a crime to beat someone. Even if someone is a criminal, you don’t have the right to beat them. Nobody deserves to be beaten.

Nobody deserves to be beaten. Even criminals do not deserve to be beaten, how much more loved ones, like a wife.

It’s a bad thing! That you’re the head of the family does not give you the right to beat your wife.

You don’t have that right. You don’t have that right.

In fact, any man that beats his wife has failed in his leadership position because, as a leader, you are supposed to influence your followers.

You don’t force leadership on your wife. You influence her by giving her love, showing her love, and being nice to her.

You don’t force her to do what you want. She is a human being. She has willpower.

She has right the way you have. You didn’t buy her! She is not your slave.

You don’t have the right to beat her. You don’t have that right at all.

If you are listening to me, and you beat your wife, you are a failure!

You have to stop. It is bad. Our female folk must be protected.

We must protect our women. Unfortunately, we have taken away the scriptures that protect them.

We don’t talk about the scriptures; we don’t teach people. We don’t have respect for women.

We’re looking for women who will respect us.

Why should a man raise his hand on his wife? That he is supposed to cherish, supposed to cherish, nourish, and love. Instead, you beat her.

Don’t you reason? Do you eat through your nose?

There is nothing she would do to you that would justify beating her. If your wife does something bad to you and you’re not able to resolve it, then report it to a third party. Instead of beating her, involve a third party to help you resolve the conflict.

If you cannot lead your wife to make her respect you, if your leadership ability is so poor that your wife cannot respect you, then involve a third party to help you.

But don’t beat her. It is bad because when you kill her, directly or indirectly, you may face a life sentence or a death sentence. You can’t go unpunished.

It is bad! Look at this lady, Osinachi! A wonderful gospel singer! We just lost her!

Who knows whether, before the end of this year, she would have released one powerful song to bless our souls. We’ve just lost her because of beating, domestic violence.

If you’re a woman listening to me and your husband beats you, you need to speak out before you die.

Speak out before you die. Speak out. If you speak out, you won’t die from the beating.

I don’t support divorce, but if your husband beats you, I think it is better you leave the marriage for a while.

Separate for a while until the issue is resolved until he understands that he is not supposed to beat you.

He doesn’t have the right to beat you. Involve a third party; report him to the police. Please don’t feel it’s wrong to report your husband to the police.

Why should your husband beat you? I know that you may feel that it’s not good for a woman to report her husband to the police

Is it good for a man to beat his wife? Is it good? Which one is worse? Beating you to kill you or reporting him to the police, and they will stop him from beating you?

You can also go to a qualified marriage counsellor and let the counsellor know what has been happening in your marriage. Don’t die in silence.

Don’t die in silence. Don’t. If Jesus Christ himself said that if you have a conflict, you should try to resolve it yourself. And if you are not able to resolve it, you should involve a third party; why do people teach you to stop involving third parties, and you agree?

It’s good to involve a third party in your conflict if you can not resolve them yourself, especially when you involve a more experienced third party, not the kind of a third party that will worsen your situation. There are some third parties that don’t have any knowledge about marriage or relationships. There’s no need to involve such people.

You may have some friends you love or like, but if they are not qualified to help you, they cannot help you. They can only give you the wrong counsel.

So please, if you are a man listening to me, never raise your hand on your wife again. And if you’re a woman and you beat your husband, never do that again.

It is bad. It is bad. Always involve a third party. The third-party will know how to resolve your conflict. And if it cannot be resolved, maybe both of you should be separated for a while until you know how to resolve the conflict before coming together again to avoid something bad happening.

Please feel free to express your views or concerns on the topic.

Chris Ojigbani is the founder and president of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries, an international interdenominational marriage ministry with headquarters in London, UK. He can be reached on Instagram.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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