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OUCH! Jay Z’s ‘Mistress’ Releases ‘I’m Sorry Mrs Carter’ Track To Insult Beyonce (PHOTOS, RECORDING)

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A female rapper linked with Jay Z has dropped a video attacking Beyoncé, Jay Z AND Rita Ora, entitled Sorry Mrs Carter. OUCH!

You may need to sit down for this.

As rumours about Beyoncé and her rapper husband heading for splitsville continue to stir, Jay’s alleged former mistress, Liv, has released a music video which can be seen as nothing less than a slap in the face for the singer.

Rapper Liv disses Jay Z and Bey

Over the beat of OutKast’s hit Ms.Jackson, she starts rapping about how Jay Z likes “naturally flawless model chicks” like herself. Umm, okay then! We’re not sure who she’s trying to kid. Plus, Beyoncé basically coined the phrase naturally flawless.

Moving on.. She addresses the rapper and talks about how she never expected to be featured in Life and Style magazine after being linked with him. But also adds a snippet of the story from the magazine, just in case we hadn’t seen it. Sigh.

Liv raps: “Got my name in the news saying things I ain’t do. Side chick. Never. Mistress. Who? Ya’ll misinformed, got it misconstrued,” adding: “F**k, f***ing to the top, me and Jay never screwed.”

The promo, which is an ‘open letter to Mrs Carter’, then goes on to hear Liv bonded with Jay over some “hip hop s**t”. Sounds interesting.

Liv in her bikini

It gets more outrageous, as she raps: “He could be his-self with me and he dig that s**t, us two attracted like some magnets and us crossing paths was no accident, when I stepped out his life I took a piece of his heart, I know he still close his eyes and see me in the dark.”WHAT?!?! This is just too much.”

The video is basically the most ridiculous publicity stunt EVER and Liv even goes as far as to call out singer Rita Ora, who also denied having a fling with the rapper after working with him.

Liv raps: “I bet he wish I just stayed and played my part, imagining what could have been with no regard. If I was worshipping him like he was a God, if I’d have been the type of chick desperate to get on. We could have been close friends but more than friends, could have been as hot as Rita Ora and them.”

Liv was falsely linked to Jay Z

By the way, she’s doing all of this while putting on 900 layers of lip-gloss and running her fingers through her cheap-looking hair extensions, before changing into a bikini.

Liv then goes on to attack Beyoncé and slams the singer for being “ride and die til the very end”, and says that Bey should tell her fans how she “really became a wife.” She then rolls her eyes over the star’s song Drunk In Love. Who IS this woman?!

It’s just pretty bizarre and we reckon Queen Bey will be laughing for a very long time when she claps eyes on this.

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