Relationships Are Energy And Energy Is The Currency Of Life

Relationships Are Energy And Energy Is The Currency Of Life [MUST READ]

By Opinions | The Trent on July 31, 2019
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A gentleman who hadn’t learnt how to disagree without disengaging swooped on one of my posts sometime ago. He shared a different opinion but instead of attacking the issue, he decided to attack me.

I stared in unbelief at his comment because unknown to him, I paid his final year school fees when his family was financially stranded. His online insult was a good time to inject some sense into his millennial zeal but I rejected the temptation. I swallowed the insult and went ahead to restrict his access to my page because I had no energy to engage him. I simply concluded that if he knew better, he would have done better.

I remember another scenario where a high profiled client had inquired if hiring a particular church member was a great idea. I replied affirmatively because I knew he was desperate, depressed, mentally unstable and needed a job badly at that time. I vouched for him like I knew him. Few minutes after, the client went ahead to put a call to him in my presence to inform him he was hired.

The Sunday after, he testified in church about how he was hired for a job he didn’t qualify for. I was happy to be used by God and never whispered a word to him.

Fast forward to last month, he came to insult me online. Coincidentally, I didn’t know his boss saw it before I did. She pinged me to ask if he knew I recommended him, I said no and pleaded not to ever mention it to him. I wasn’t interested in human worship.

The lesson in these two cases and others is the fact that every answered prayer will most likely be delivered through a human being because God understands and leverages on relationships. When God wants to promote you, he will use a human being and when the devil wants to destroy you, he will use a human being too. No one is self-made. You are where you are today because of everyone who contributed to your existence. Even if you now despise them the fact still remains that they were a tool.

Relationships are energy.

Energy is the currency of life.

Energy costs energy and energy transitions must be paid with energy.

Every time you lose a rewarding relationship, you lose energy. One day, you will encounter resource depletion and when you do, you will understand that financial poverty means poor relationship management skills.

Oyinkansola Alabi
Oyinkansola Alabi

Oyinkansola Alabi is a popular Nigerian life coach and emotion doctor.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the writer.


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