Finding The Perfect Gift For Him: Like A Tungsten Ring

Finding The Perfect Gift For Him: Like A Tungsten Ring


It can be difficult finding the perfect gift for a guy that has it all. Men tend to have a wide range of hobbies and interests so for some insight on what might be the right present, it’s important to consider those interests. It isn’t uncommon to hear a man say “nothing” in response to being asked about a potential gift. To avoid this frustration, some attention to detail may be required.

Many times, a man may not even know he needed something until he gets his hands on it. We’re going to explore some interesting items today within a few categories that may appeal to your recipient.

For the Fashion-Minded

With ever changing styles, it can be difficult to keep up with trends. There’s always something new coming down the pipeline to replace current fads. Consider gifting something that transcends ever-changing fads. Generally, avoid bold and flashy jewellery or watches in lieu of something more subdued, like a high-quality leather bifold wallet. Another nice idea is a tungsten ring, available in many colours and designs to match any style. Tungsten is extremely hard and durable; it will not dent or scratch like softer metals.

Minimal patterns are preferable when picking out accessories; it allows matching with a range of looks. The colour black will never go out of style, so it’s always a safe choice. Footwear can be difficult to predict so avoid that unless specifically requested.

Gifts for the Maker and DIYer

This type of person can be a challenge to buy for: chances are they already have an office and garage full of gadgets and tools. To open a whole new world of possibilities for your maker, consider getting them a 3D printer. Beyond making cute figurines, a 3D printer offers the ability to create custom parts and devices. Whatever you can design, you can bring into the real world. This is great both for new designs and prototyping.

If the man you’re buying for has a stack of old computers in his closet, he may like a Raspberry Pi; a cheap and fully featured computer which can fit in your hand. The sky is the limit when it comes to uses for these things, ranging from a portable computer you can carry in your pocket to a robust home media centre. If that’s not small enough, they even offer very slightly scaled down models that are smaller than a credit card and cheaper than a pint.

The Outdoorsy Type

For this type of guy, you can never go wrong with a good quality knife. Yes, he probably already has about a dozen scattered about, but a man can never have too many knives. Consider a case lock design for strength when searching for a folding pocket knife. For straight knives look for a full tang, high carbon forged blade for the best durability. You may think there’s no way he wants another knife, but a good blade is sure to bring a smile.

Another idea you might want to consider is outdoor clothing and accessories. Anyone that spends a good bit of time in cooler weather knows the importance of layers. A good thermal layer jacket can make the difference between shivering cold or pleasant warmth. When browsing the vast selection on the market, look for synthetic materials and blends that have been engineered for breathability and fast drying. Moisture is the enemy in the cold: natural fibres tend to collect it, so go for a man-made alternative.

Foodie, Cook, Gourmet

For most cuts and slices, a knife in skilled hands in adequate. But what if your knife skills are lacking or you suffer from a disability? A food slicer offers the ability to make perfectly-sized cuts every time. A deli shave is extremely difficult and time consuming to replicate with a knife; if you want the perfect deli meats, a slicer is irreplaceable. Slicers are relatively uncommon in most homes, so there’s a good chance he hasn’t even thought about it.

Fans of foreign cuisine probably have a deep love for rice; billions across the world enjoy it as a staple. It can be tricky to cook the perfect pot of rice, as anyone who has tried can tell you. A good rice cooker can take all of the guesswork out of cooking the perfect rice. Uncommon in most of the western world, a quality cooker may have to be imported. Some of the nicer models are even fully programmable for complete control. A rice cooker can also double as a steamer for cooking up healthy vegetables.

A man will usually reveal hints as to the perfect gift through everyday interaction: it’s important to take mental note when this occurs. Knowing someone is the first step to getting the best gift for them. Consider their interests and base your search off that, and you can’t go wrong!


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