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‘In brotherhood we stand’: President Jonathan Recieves Confab Report

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President Goodluck Jonatahan has commended the delegates of the national conference for a job well done after the successful conclusion of the 2014 national conference.

The President who spoke at the occasion of the submission of the 2014 national conference report started by congratulating the chairman, delegates, all Nigerians who contributed in one way or the other to the success of the conference and  the presidential advisory committee for developing the framework for the conference after national consultations.

He further praised the delegates for their zeal and patriotism, thanking them on behalf of Nigerians for the recommendations reached which will further chart a path for peaceful coexistence, sustainable development, justice and progress as the country marches into another 100 years of existence, commending them for using dialogue as an efficient means to go about solving the issues confronting the country.

President Jonathan then went ahead to pay a glowing tribute to the delegates who were snatched away by death during the course of the conference.

The country’s number one citizen reminded all that the purpose of the 5-month old conference should not be lot on anyone as it stems from a genuine desire to move the country towards advancing into nation building, saying that though the task given to the delegates was enormous, he is satisfied with the way the delegates went about the business of reshaping and strengthening the foundations of the nation putting to bed the alarm raised by naysayers who questioned the sincerity of the project, adding that the success of the conference has vindicated him and his administration by delivering on its promise.

While reminding the delegates that his reasons for not interfering in the business of the conference was because of his trust in the caliber, quality and patriotism of the 492 delegates and 6 conference officials, he noted that a few resolutions were not agreed upon.

The lack of agreement on certain issues, he asserted, meant the sincerity of purpose of the delegates, stating that a total agreement to all resolutions would spell insincerity, adding hat regardless of divergent opinions, the delegates applied compromise in reaching over 600 resolutions.

Despite the media being awash with stories of “walk-outs” and “show-downs”, he is pleased that maturity and godliness turned the circumstances to “walk-ins” and show-ups”

He further reminded all of his inauguration speech on Monday, March 17, 2014, which he enjoined them as follows:

We need a new mind and a new spirit of oneness and national unity. The time has come to stop seeing Nigeria as a country of many groups and regions. We have been divinely brought together under one roof. We must begin to see ourselves as one community. We are joined together by similar hopes and dreams as well as similar problems and challenges. What affects one part of the community affects the other.”

President Jonathan said the successful conclusion of the conference only proves that “though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand” stating that the result of the conference has shown that we are not enemies, neither are we antagonists, no matter our religion, region, state, and tongue. This Conference has reinforced what he has always believed: that Nigeria is here for our collective good.

While saying that the discourse of the conference reflected Nigeria’s latest challenges, he would ensure that relevant recommendations get to the Council of State and the National Assembly for incorporation into the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while promising to act upon recommendations as required of the executive. He further promised that the result of the painstaking deliberations undertaken by the delegates would not be in vain.

President Jonathan also appeals to all arms of government as well as all Nigerians to prepare to play according to the roles assigned to the by the reports to the betterment of the country, reiterating that the coming of the conference, 100 years after amalgamation.

He proceeded to say that in every governance inndex the country is making remarkable progress for example in 2009, Nigeria’s life expectancy was forty seven years, it has now risen to fifty-two. We were spending over a trillion naira importing food four years ago, it is now down to a little over six hundred billion naira and still falling! The size of our economy has grown citing infrastructure, energy and sports as other high points of the country’s progress adding that the current security situation is another challenge to be overcome.

President Jonathan also restates his intent to give make the country’s electoral system credible, using the recent elections in Ekiti and Osun states as examples of his administrations commitment to free and fair polls.

The president beseeches Nigerians to do away with all bad blood and mistrust which have infringed on the progress of the country in the past, urging citizens to  “make every inch of our country a space for joyous habitation” taunting those who predicted the disintegration of the country before its first 100 years to pick another country.

In conclusion, President Jonathan gives glory to God, congratulating the Chairman of the conference together with his team and all delegates that made the project a huge success, thereby accepting the report and declaring the 2014 national conference closed to the glory of Almighty God.

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