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President Obama’s First Daughter, Malia Gets Her 1st Car On 16th Birthday

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Malia Obama celebrated her Sweet 16th Birthday on the 4th of July. Among the presents that were given to her is a brand new car.

Malia won’t be able to drive the car without an accompanying adult sitting in the seat beside her, but that hasn’t given her mom much peace of mind. She is concerned for her fellow citizens.

“Ladies and gentlemen in DC: watch out!” first lady Michelle Obama said. “Malia Obama on the road – kinda frightening.”

So far no one knows anything about the car as no information regarding its model, make and color have been released or made public. As a matter of fact, nothing is even known about how she spent her birthday.

President Barack Obama has made every effort to keep his personal life out of the spotlight and it is assumed that the celebrations have fallen behind those curtains. There were no reports about party plans from the White House or its staff.

What little news that has managed to leak suggests that rapper Pitbull did perform on the South Lawn of the executive mansion, although it isn’t clear if it was for the birthday girl or as part of the White House celebrations of the 4th of July.

President Obama made references to Malia’s birthday while making remarks about the 4th of July celebrations.

“… And, of course, this is always a special day for us because this is Malia’s birthday,” he said and showed that he too was a little concerned about his daughter cruising on the streets of DC by adding, “She’s getting her license, but she has to practice a little bit before that happens.”

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