#SoundOff: The Ironic Return On Investment In Nigerian Private School Education

#SoundOff: The Ironic Return On Investment In Nigerian Private School Education [MUST READ]

By Opinions | The Trent on November 4, 2019
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It is only in Nigeria that people will enrol their kids in Private Primary and Secondary schools where they pay millions and assume that, such will transform their kids into Einstein overnight. Chineke mere anyi ebere.

Have you bothered for once to demand for the brief resume of the teachers , who take care of your kids in those private schools , that are highly profit oriented?.

I had a chat with my mum concerning this same issue this morning and I wept at the report I received. How can you take away your children from a public school, that has relatively better qualified teachers, and enrol them into a private school with lesser qualified teachers , where you also have the burden of paying hundreds of thousands of naira a term that you cannot afford? Is this not stupid ego and foolishness mixed into one?

I attended a PTA meeting at my children’s school and demanded for the school authority to provide us with a booklet that contains the summary of the academic resume of their teachers , non teaching staff and their grades.

Other parents were pleasantly shocked at my audacity . I gave them 3 weeks to do it ,or I will pull out my angels

A majority of the private schools that actually have eyes for excellence are mission established schools. Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Winners etc. Most of these one man owned private schools will cut corners to maximize returns. Most of the smart and highly educated teachers with ambition never stays in one school for too long. They are always on the go .

I once had a home teacher , who woke up one morning to jerk up the fees of N80k we used to pay him per month for my three children to N120k. I relieved him of his job immediately. My madam was like ….. but he is good bla bla bla.

I looked her in the eyes and told her that I have made alternative arrangement. I told her that I am getting a Youth Corper , with a first class honours degree that I will pay N60k a month to work at my office and take out time three times in a week to coach my children. I will save N60k , while securing the services of a truly first class graduate that adds double values to me.

That is me. I must extract values for my money. Those, who do not understand the intrinsic worth of money spend it for stupid ego whipping and empty braggadocio.

Please take out time to engage those, who teach your children.

The amount of school fees you pay is not directly proportional to the quality of education that your kids receive.

That you may actually be paying N1 million a term to procure “olodoism” for your kids is the height of self delusion.

UNLESS YOU ARE AN OLODO , You can easily measure the quality of the teaching staff that provides education services to your kids and wards

God help us.

Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri is the managing director of Taurus Capital, He resides in Lagos Nigeria, You can reach him by email HERE.

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