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Prominent Islamic Scholar Detained Over Controversial Remarks, Spurring Religious Debate

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BAUCHI, Nigeria — A prominent Islamic scholar and Chief Imam of Dutsen Tanshi Jumaat mosque, Idris Abdulaziz, has been remanded at a correctional center for alleged public disturbance and incitement, causing a spark in a religious controversy that is rapidly gaining traction.

The renowned scholar’s lawyer, Barrister Umar Hassan, confirmed the incident on Monday,  May 15, 2023, stating that Abdulaziz was arraigned before a Magistrate’s Court.

 Idris Abdulaziz
Chief Imam of Dutsen Tanshi Jumaat mosque, Dr Idris Abdulaziz and a cleric

The judge denied him bail, ordered the defendant to be detained, and mandated a court return on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

“Dr Abdulaziz dutifully honoured the police invitation and was subsequently charged,” Hassan shared with journalists, revealing the sequence of events that led to his client’s arrest.

The contentious arrest came after the scholar’s Ramadan sermon, in which he allegedly made remarks that a section of scholars interpreted as blasphemous against Prophet Muhammad.

The comments swiftly provoked heated reactions and condemnation, with several Islamic organisations demanding his arrest.

In the face of such widespread outrage, the incident has sparked an intense debate within the Islamic community.

While many are outraged, a group of Islamic scholars have rallied in support of Abdulaziz, backing his contentious remarks and questioning the interpretation by the critics.

The polarized reactions underscore the delicate nature of religious discourse and the balance between freedom of speech and respect for religious sensibilities.

As both sides of the debate await the court’s decision on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the case of Dr Abdulaziz is set to be a litmus test for tolerance and interpretation within the Islamic faith.

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