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Pros And Cons Of Homework For Students

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he debate on the relevance of homework for students has been on for quite some time. Some say that home assignments help bridge the gap between students study time at school and at their stay at home. Should students have homework in today’s education system? This article covers the pros and cons of homework for students

Pros of Homework for Students

Some research studies have indicated that when handled correctly, homework is an effective way of increasing one’s knowledge on different subject matters. Correct handling, in this case, involves assigning the work, marking and handing back. The following are other reasons why students should have homework

  • Students engage with their studies

As much as students spend the entire day at school, class time is hardly enough for students school work. With fewer distractions from friends and other school activities, a clear and relaxed head, homework allows students to go through the content they learned during the day.

  • Parents are engaged in their children’s school work

Students doing homework at home provides an opportunity for their parents to get involved in their school work. They can do this by providing any assistance that may be required or by generally assessing the progress of their students in school work. Part of successful homework tasks is assessments. Parents can help with this task.

  • Students learn time management

Home assignments require learners to set up study schedules and to follow these, time management skills are developed. This is a very important skill in different levels of study as well as work. Timely handling of one’s homework translates into a habit.

  • Homework allows teachers to assess their students’ progress better

When marking an assignment, a teacher can tell how a student is progressing in the given content. Since homework is handled by individual students, individual results are shown and teachers can then know how to deal with the specific areas of concern.

  • Promotes self-responsibility

When students complete and submit their homework, it shows they have a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

Cons of Homework for Students

The following are the reasons why students shouldn’t have homework

  • It can be stressful

Many homework critics are of the opinion that homework causes stress. The bombardment of school work during school hours and even more while at home can cause learners to dread all school days.

  • Homework do not necessarily cause an improved performance

Performance is highly dependent on one’s intelligence level. For students with low intelligence level, loads of homework may not be a solution.

  • Homework eats up student’s free time

This is one of the highly held arguments against homework. With part of after school time dedicated to completing homework, children have less time to spend with their families and friends. The more the homework, the lesser the available time for other activities. As the old saying goes, ‘all work and no play make Jack a dull boy’.


Proponents of homework maintain homework is good for students, opponents say it is unhealthy. The views on the advantages and disadvantages of homework are acceptable. While home assignments can be profitable, too much of it can put off some students. As such, guidelines should be put in place as to how much homework can students be given and how often should this be done. All stakeholders in the education sector should then proceed to ensure that these guidelines are followed to the latter.

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