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Aging is a part of our life that brings along with it unattractive wrinkles and gray hair. It can take a huge toll on your skin and hair if you don’t start taking care of these issues at the right time and in a proper way. But what should you do to remove the wrinkles and cover up the grays for a youthful appearance? Well, there is always a temporary solution; in short makeup tips that can help you get the perfect youthful look instantly.

Find out about the quick makeup tips here:

  • Go low on anti-aging products

It is best to follow a specific skincare program with the similar kind of ingredients. The reason is, your skin can get irritated if too many products with different ingredients are being used. And that might make the wrinkles even more visible. As a result the entire focus of any viewer will get shifted towards the wrinkles. Of course, you do not want those wrinkles to become visible. So avoid mixing and matching anti-aging products and stick to a firm solution.

  • Use a good primer

Once you have moisturized your skin well, use a primer bought through Flipkart coupons that will suit your skin tone. This acts as a base and can help in removing the wrinkles flawlessly. The primer is an ideal solution as it can prevent the makeup from creating imperfections in the skin which can draw more attention to the pimples. As the primer is a smooth solution, it helps in removing the wrinkles effectively.

  • Keep the powder away

If you think dusting a little bit of powder will help in enhancing your beauty, then you are completely wrong. This will highlight the wrinkles and draw more attention towards them Powders cannot help in camouflaging wrinkles. Only creams can help to reduce skin imperfections leading to a more natural look. If you cannot do without a powder at all, make sure you dab only some of it on your nose and chin and not elsewhere on your face.

  • Use hair gels

We all know hair gels are a perfect solution for styling hair but it can also help in covering up the gray hair. Yes, hair gels come in coloured form too and these will help in providing the best temporary solution to hide the gray hair. Apply a good amount of hair gel on the strands of hair and then you can see your hair shine. While there are several shades and colours available in the market, go for a one that will look good on you.

  • Highlighting with colour

Instead of completely dyeing your hair, you can focus on partly highlighting your hair. Highlighting has been the most trusted solution to hide gray hair for years now. Choose a highlight colour that will make you look hot and stylish. Whether you choose burgundy or hot pink, make sure it suits your age too. Cover up the areas that need colour and you will see how young and beautiful you look.

  • Use hair chalks

While you might have just heard about chalks used for blackboard purpose, there are also hair chalks available to solve this problem of gray hair. These hair chalks that can be purchased using beauty product offers are temporary hair colours that do not stick to the scalp nor does it grease the hair. You can find several kinds of hair chalks that are available in different colours, shades, and hues. To get rid of them, you just need to shampoo once.

Well, these were some of the ideal quick makeup tips for removing the wrinkles and covering the grays. If you are heading out for a party, these solutions can help you get the youthful look in real quick time. So what are you waiting for? Grab them as soon as possible!

Vinod Kardam is an expert writer and blogger with a strong passion for writing. He is enthusiastic about sharing tips and ideas with people to stay beautiful and healthy in a natural way through offers from Jumia. His writing passion includes beauty and health blogs, natural home-remedies, life-long nutrition, fitness and a lot more.


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