REVEALED: Beyonce’s Sister Violently Attacked Jay-Z Because He Was Going To See...

REVEALED: Beyonce’s Sister Violently Attacked Jay-Z Because He Was Going To See Rihanna?

By Naturally Moi on May 13, 2014
The moment Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange stepped out of the elevator after the fight

The mega-fight between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles is probably the story of the year for those who follow this kind of stuff.  Everyone has been searching for the reasoning behind the big blow up, but no one has been able to get anywhere near the trio to find out what happened.

But of course, there are always those people around the celebs who know what’s been going on.  The New York Daily News has done some investigating and says that the reason behind the fight has to do with Rihanna.  You know Rihanna don’t you?  Rihanna is the lady that everyone has been wondering if Jay-Z was sleeping with while he dated Beyonce.  She’s also the one that Beyonce has been trying to compete with by wearing some of the scantiest outfits of her entire career.

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The wild night started with Jay-Z’s irritation that Solange had friends who were trying to get into the party by using his name.

“Two of her friends, who were not dressed for the Met Ball, showed up at The Standard and caused a scene downstairs,” the source said.

“They wouldn’t leave and kept name dropping Jay Z. They were pretending they were guests of his and not hers. Management went to Julius (Beyonce’s bodyguard) and said there’s a problem.”

Jay-Z, according to the source, told Solange to not have her friends use his name to get into the party.

Jay-Z’s people also called ahead to the party that Rihanna was hosting, stating that he would be coming alone and wouldn’t need extra security because Beyonce wasn’t coming.  Apparently, that set Solange off and upset her.
“She seemed drunk and irritated,” another source said. “She said, ‘Why can’t you go home?’ and to Beyonce ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?’”

The rest was history. The hotel is now trying to find out how the video was leaked to TMZ, and there are probably some lawsuits coming after this. Celeb life got real after TMZ hit the scene, didn’t it?

Finance Professor Dr. Boyce Watkins says that this incident also shows how those with great wealth at stake have to be extremely careful about who they have around them.

“If you’ll notice, Jay-Z didn’t retaliate, which was a smart move for a man of his stature,” says Dr Watkins.  “Also, we’re now in a time where celebs have to realize that there are always people around them who can make a lot of money by sharing inside information.  TMZ is paying big, and they’ve proven that their tentacles are everywhere.”

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