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JUST IN: Scotland Says ‘No, Thanks’ To Independence From Britain In A Close Vote

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Scottish voters have rejected independence from Britain after a referendum threatened to severe ties between Scotland and the Union which has been in existence for over 307 years, a New York Times report shows.

After a night of vote counting, results seem to favour maintaining the union with deputy head of the pro-independence Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon conceding defeat for the ‘Yes” campaigners who had pushed for secession from the union.

“Like thousands of others across the country I’ve put my heart and soul into this campaign and there is a real sense of disappointment that we’ve fallen narrowly short of securing a yes vote,” Ms. Sturgeon told BBC television.

After results were collated for 26 of the 32 voting districts, results show 54.2% or 1,397,077 against independence, as against 1,176,952, votes 45.7 %, in favor.

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SLIDESHOW: A LOOK Inside Scotland’s Independence Vote (PHOTOS)

On one hand, the result preserved the union formed in 1707, on the other it has left Mr. Cameron facing criticism from fellow Conservative Party lawmakers who expressed displeasure over pledges of more Scottish autonomy made by him and other party leaders a few days before the, when the threat of independence seems to be very real, with several lawmakers calling for similar autonomy for England, including the creation of a separate English parliament.

Following earlier signs that the “Yes” campaign was having the upper hand, three major political parties in the London Westminster parliament began promising to extend significant new powers to Scottish taxation, which many English voters grumbling that it favoured Scots with a higher  per-capita contribution.


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