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Senior Skin Care 101: 3 Tips On Caring For Aging Skin

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As you age, your skin will naturally begin to change. Your skin will begin to show signs of aging such as spots, wrinkles and sagging. This process happens as your skin begins to lose its moisture and its elasticity. Skin has natural collagen. This miraculous property is what makes your skin look youthful, supple, soft and smooth. When the skin’s collagen production begins to go down, the skin can begin to look dull, wrinkly, ruff and dry. Apart from collagen, the skin also has elastic tissue that is called Elastin. Elastin gives skin that bounce and shine that is typical with youth. When you pull a young person’s skin, it will naturally snap back into its position. That is not the case with older skin. If you are interested in taking great care of your skin as you age, you do well to investigate the three tips that follow.

1. Never Smoke or Stop Smoking

Smoking is not only bad for the inside of your body, but it is also horrible for your skin. You have probably seen a person who is older and has smoked her whole life. She generally has skin that is wrinkled, ruff and leathery. This is because there are over 4000 different chemicals in cigarettes, and many of these chemicals have a direct negative effect on collagen and elastin. Since your goal is to build up and protect elastin and collagen, you do not want smoking to be a part of your life.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the most abundant substance on the earth. Water not only is necessary to sustain life, but water is also great for all of our organs. Since our skin is the largest organ on our body, it stands to reason that our skin will thrive on water. There are various studies that are being done on the effects of water in skin health, but since water hydrates the body, you do well to get at least eight glasses of water in a day.

3. Use Skin Care Products

The products that you put on your skin really do matter. If you look at women who have never used skincare, it shows. The good thing is that in the western world, there are plenty of great and affordable options available when it comes to skincare. You can try using anti-aging cream, cream with sun protection, and other special solutions for the delicate eye area. The most important aspects of skincare creams and solutions are the ingredients. Some great ingredients include antioxidants, retinol alpha-hydroxy acid and hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients can do wonders for your skin. A healthy skincare regimen that includes a cleaner and moisturizer with these ingredients will greatly improve the look and feel of your skin.

CBD Cream is also another option you can go to. CBD creams can help revive skin and have it feeling like new. It’s power of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts with other ingredients delivers a unique product that won’t leave your skin feeling oily or greasy.

Your Skin is Your Friend

Prevention is really the key when it comes to your skin. When you take the time to test and find great products, avoid unhealthy habits, and hydrate your cells, your skin will thank you for it. Your skin is a reflection of yourself, so if you treat your body like it is your friend, you will find that your skin will be healthier and happier as you age.

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