Seniors: The Ideal Market For Tech?

Seniors: The Ideal Market For Tech?

By Ali Dino | Tech Contributor on October 8, 2018
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When it comes to high tech applications, the over-60 people are not the first thing to spring to mind. But are we making a mistake here? After all, this is the market that is most likely to have the disposable income to afford the high tech gadgetry.

Seniors are not usually early adopters of tech. But is that because they are unable to use it, or because it usually isn’t geared towards them? If we look at the infographic originally published by, it appears that seniors are a lot more active online than you might think.

Seniors Are Using Tech

If we analyse their usage more closely, we see that the seniors tend to use the internet and tech for practical applications. So, while you aren’t likely to see your gran posting hundreds of pictures on Instagram, she might very well follow you on the site to keep up to date with you.

Must We Redefine Our Idea Of Seniors?

It certainly seems like time to do that. Especially when you remember that many of the pioneers of the early computers era are now in the over-60 club. Would you think of Bill Gates as being tech-averse? Definitely not. But Gates is in the seventh decade of his life.

How Do We Gear Tech Towards Seniors?

With AI and voice recognition software, tech has become a lot simpler to use. Think about smart speakers and virtual assistants. These are voice-activated and so there is no need to find the right buttons to push, which is advantageous for everyone, especially for seniors.

How else could we cater to seniors when it comes to tech and the internet? We could start looking at practical applications like news aggregators or something similar. Perhaps apps that create a daily summary of news events in the area would work well.

In terms of practical tech adjustments, perhaps we could start looking at making tech a little simpler to operate. Or, alternatively, incorporate virtual assistants so that all someone would need to do is ask the VA for what they want. That kind of tech would be useful for people of all ages.

Furthermore, perhaps some adjustments could be made in terms of the size of the screens, text used, and buttons incorporated into the tech. The more user-friendly the tech is, the more likely seniors will want to use it.

Finally, Market To Seniors

Who doesn’t like a product that has been made directly with their particular needs in mind? Why not run a market research campaign in the over-60 age group and find out what it is that they would most like?

From there it wouldn’t be difficult to create a targeted campaign with this age group in mind. Perhaps adding a slightly educational bent to the campaign would be helpful. This could perform the dual purpose of advertising the features and also help seniors feel more confident that they would be able to use it properly.

When it comes to seniors and tech, there is a perception that they lack the ability or willingness to adopt it. The statistics prove that this simply isn’t true. Are we missing out on a really lucrative marketing opportunity as a result?


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