Software Development: 7 Reasons You Should Try Node JS Training

Software Development: 7 Reasons You Should Try Node JS Training

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A highly scalable platform-Node JS is an event-driven and cross-platform I/O model. This runtime environment is highly efficient in running various applications. As of now, it has more than one billion downloads. It is ideal for building microservices, Internet of Things and real-time applications.  It outshines all other web applications with its revolutionary push technology making it a much coveted developer skill in the world.

Why Are Enterprises Opting for Node JS?

It is trending now, and there are sufficient reasons why the enterprises are choosing it over several others.  It was specially developed for applications, and today it truly stands apart. One can leverage it to build robust web applications that deliver better performance and involve less of coding. The inbuilt efficiency in deployment is the reason why enterprises like PayPal, Netflix, GoDaddy, and several others prefer it.

JavaScript has various frameworks and libraries with which you can create modern interfaces; however, deploying any backend platform was not possible earlier. Now with Node JS, it has emerged as a viable alternative to all other established languages. Embraced by multiple startups and enterprises, Node JS meets all the expectations of the developers.

As an application developer, you need to ensure that your skills remain in alignment with the industry trends. We provide you with the top 7 reasons why you should go through Node JS training,

1. Superb Experience for Everyone

Be it the end users, developers or the enterprises, Node JS assures you of its performance capability. It is scalable and equipped with powerful features like Cluster module that enables load balancing perfectly.  Built upon Google Chrome’s V8, it receives frequent updates of JS features, security patches and performance optimizers.  Its event-driven environment lets you manage multiple connections simultaneously that could even run into millions.

2. The All-Pervasive JavaScript

Node JS is the ideal choice for new developers who are at the learning stage. JavaScript is dominating the web development landscape ever since its inception. Even today, it remains the primary language to build web applications. It is an encouraging move for you to learn and adopt Node JS.  As JavaScript is the preferred language for web developers the world over, learning Node JS becomes a clear preference.

3. Best Suited for Applications

With JavaScript, you can share code between the server and the client side with seamless ease. This makes Node JS a high utility platform for creating applications that work on a real-time basis like chatting, gaming apps, live tracking, etc.  Live data transfer between the server and the client works only on Node JS.

4. Best in Agility

Backed by Google’s Chrome V8, Node JS is very fast in terms of performance delivery.  It has an underlying event-driven architecture that enables it to run on a single thread something that is not available in other web development technologies. It makes it lightweight and super quick in response.  The event loop of Node JS makes it possible to execute several tasks simultaneously.

5. Great for Cross-Functional Environment

Web development happens in teams with every member contributing during the process of writing codes, testing, deployment, and maintenance. It involves all experts of the relevant areas; however, Node JS effortlessly bridges the gap between the front end and back end from the perspective of the enterprise. It merely means that without making extra efforts or learning any new language you can work and pitch your resume as a complete web app developer.

6. Reusability of the Language

With Node JS you can use only the JavaScript on both the client and the server side. It makes it all so easy for the web developers to interact only in a single language irrespective of the layers. It lets you reuse it for all future interactions. It is unlike ASP.NET and Spring that requires knowledge of C# or VB.NET for coding on the server side.

7. Big Support System

With the technological paradigm continually evolving, it is challenging for developers to stay abreast with the latest. However, with Node JS you have a big community working to make it even better in terms of functionality and performance.  A good number of codes and modules are readily available that can be used to create web applications. The support of an online archive called Node Package Manager is also remarkable.

There are also several other amazing feature that you can master by pursuing a Node JS course to add to your skills as a developer.


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