#SoundOff: Buhari Needs To Fix This Fulani Herdsmen Problem Before It Explodes

#SoundOff: Buhari Needs To Fix This Fulani Herdsmen Problem Before It Explodes

By Opinions | The Trent on April 14, 2016
Buhari Cows CAN
Muhammadu Buhari in his farm in Daura waving to his cows (State House Photos)

by Kalu Aja

If it quacks like a duck..its a duck

If it kills like Boko Haram…. it’s Boko Haram

Since I was a child. I saw guys with cows travel about… but the guys with cattle today are not the ones I knew as a child. These new breed of cattle herders kill entire communities committing what a United National envoy has rightly called genocide.

Is it out of place to imagine that Boko Haram terrorists flushed out of Sambisa are now hiding under cover of “cows” to relocate away from the war zone?

I saw the Inspector General of Police holding a town hall with perpetrators of the Agatu killings and the victims.

A town hall meeting with the police boss of the country? Killers and their victims.

In that town hall, a confession, sorry explanation was made by those that killed over 500 indigenes of Agatu residents. They said why they committed genocide. They did not deny killing people. They explained why they committed murder. They told the police chief himself.

I am not aware anyone has been arrested over the Agatu genocide. Probably, because nobody has.

When Nigeria’s Minister of Interior was being screened he correctly identified the clashes between farmers and cattlemen as an issue. So what has the Buhari-led administration done have about this troubling issue? The Ministry of Interior’s budget is about N200 billion for 2016. How difficult is it to spot cows from the air? Doesn’t this country own drones?
People are roaming about with guns killing and raping with impunity and our government acts helpless, without any will to act.

My fear is this – one community will retaliate and retaliate very hard – then the retaliations will spread outside the immediate theatre of conflict. The terrorists herdsmen are a ticking time bomb in Nigeria.

If it quacks like a duck. …it’s a duck.

If it kills like Boko Haram…it’s Boko Haram.

Buhari needs to fix this problem.

Kalu Aja is an advocate of limited government and a fiscal conservative. In his day job he is a financial adviser. Connect with him on Facebook.

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