#SoundOff: The Celebration Of Corruption By APC In Kogi State

#SoundOff: The Celebration Of Corruption By APC In Kogi State

By Opinions | The Trent on October 5, 2015
FILE: The late Prince Audu Abubakar, former governor of Kogi State and All Progressives Congress candidate for governor pictured during a campaign rally NIGERIA
L-R: National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former governor of Kogi State, Audu Abubakar, an unidentified member of the APC and Chief Bisi Akande one of the leaders of the APC during a meeting with President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari before the May 29 inauguration

by Kola Lawal

I am at a loss for words why this story who actually break out under the circumstances of “change and holiness”. I thought the plan was to move away from corruption as claimed by the change agents.

If a candidate like Audu is in possession of 11 billion naira as an ordinary citizen of Nigeria who is seeking electoral office and the word “return” is floating around carelessly, I believe there are some serious questions that need answers if available.

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First, why is Saraki being prosecuted? The CCB is putting him on trial for either over declaring or under declaring his assets. The case is so fine tuned like a fisherman covering every possible scenario to make sure he catches the fish. Question; A man has just declared that he will return 11b if elected into power. The is a open and shut case for the EFCC/ICPC/CCB to prosecute. Why is this man free?

Second, Audu has actually attached the return of the collective wealth of the Kogi to winning the gubernatorial election. So if he doesn’t win the 11 billion naira stays with him?

Third, N11 billion is a lot of money. It has been in his possession for a long time. What has he done with that money to improve the life of Kogites? Has he built schools, industries, hospitals anything of repute that can serve as a social service that the common man in Kogi could actually benefit from?

Fourth, the fact that Buhari honoured his primary win in Kogi as the state flag bearer for APC by actually visiting Kogi and staying in the same hall with him. Does this mean that the body language of Mr president has an off and on switch that could be operated at will?

Fifth, if Audu is dangling N11 billion loot  to return to office then it means he must be willing to take much more than to that to compensate his “second coming”.

Sixth, why would APC field a self confessed corrupt politician when their slogan is change?

It is unfortunate at this point in our national development that falsehood has taken the order of the day. It is really disappointing that our youths have been given a clear license to know that corruption is okay so far you are on the right side. These blurred lines will only complicate further a society that is already fragmented along several lines.

Mr President the time has come to show what you actually stand for and start governing Nigeria. The good will is running out.

Kola Lawal an IT professional and social commentator with a knack for political debate. He is an incurable believer in the Nigerian dream. Connect with him on Facebook

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