#SoundOff: Lekan And Ronke Shonde – Why Nigeria Pisses Me Off, By...

#SoundOff: Lekan And Ronke Shonde – Why Nigeria Pisses Me Off, By @OfiliSpeaks

ondo woman domestic violence Louise Eni Umukoro, Charles Eni Umukoro

A man’s wife is dead, he is a murder suspect, declared wanted.

But yet “nan” issues statement while in hiding… well “technically” while in hiding because he is communicating through his brother in-law, which last I checked that is a crime. But this is Nigeria… so moving right along.

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“Man” then issues interview with Punch to clear his name. To give reasons why he could not possibly have murdered his wife.

But instead proceeds to come up with a string of stupid stupid sentences embellished with a logic of a Nursery 2 kid repeating for the second time in a row as he goes…

I did not kill my wife, but she cheated on me.
I did not kill my wife, but I bought her 2 cars.
I did not kill my wife, but my mother warned me not to marry her and I regret not listening.
I did not kill my wife, but she did not allow me have sex.
I did not kill my wife, but she went to Abuja to sleep with her lover for 4 days.

As Amy Winehouse, of blessed memory, would say, “What type of fuckery is this!?

Our men are so entrenched in this quagmire of patriarch bullshit that even in DEATH the stench still manages to follow them. I mean we are talking about death and a fugitive is talking about the cars he bought as if that is a justification or explanation for the situation we find ourselves in.

I can’t I just can’t.

We need a deep cleansing of the heart, mind and soul of the Nigerian man.

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