#SoundOff: Mourhino Surely Knows How To Play And Win ‘THE GAME’

#SoundOff: Mourhino Surely Knows How To Play And Win ‘THE GAME’

By Opinions | The Trent on August 3, 2015
Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho (Photo Credit: Reuters)

by Charles Novia

MOURHINO: “We were the best team. We had more initiative, we controlled the game by having ball possession. But when a team is behind, the energy and intensity to turn results around is more difficult because people are not sharp.

“Arsenal defended with 10 players, they put everybody in front of their own line and they had good organisation, congratulations to them. They had a couple of chances in counter attacks but we had ours in organised football.

“They played their game tactically and found themselves one goal in front without any reason, included players in the back and they did well. This season the Premier League title is very difficult but it is very difficult for everyone.

“The way other teams are spending they have big power in the hands while we are the same as last season. And with that we are going to try.”

NOVIA’S NOTE: I really love Mourhino. And it’s folks who don’t understand the power of psychology who underestimate him. Mourhino decides WHO and WHAT should be the talking points in every match he coaches, win or lose. No other Coach in the World does that. He sucks in the media and the media warm up to him for soundbites. Apart from his sterling credentials as a coach, he’s probably one of the most media savvy personalities in the world in the past 50 years. Think of Muhammad Ali and Dennis Rodman etc. People who ensure that they are always talking points even when they are not in the game. And Mourhino did it in Sunday’s match against Arsenal. He threw his medal to a young kid and the happy kid’s picture and that act has stolen the shine off the Arsenal win in the news. That’s how Mourhino>DEFINES his relevance. It’s a great study.

Most people don’t understand that and go on an all out hate fest on Mourhino. Like I told one analyst on facebook whose posts on Chelsea literally drips with hate for Mourhino each time: ‘ You jerk off on hating the guy but you are the one going into depression mode while he goes home and smiles at the numerous medals on his mantlepiece!’

Congrats to Arsenal for winning a trophy.

Charles Novia is an award-winning filmmaker. He is founder of November Productions and November Records. He shared this piece on his Facebook.

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