Opinion: Reno Omokri’s Jailphobia And His Ill-Informed Hateful Article

Opinion: Reno Omokri’s Jailphobia And His Ill-Informed Hateful Article

By Euphemia Udanoh on October 29, 2016
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Mr. Reno Omokri

Let me quote this line from the latest article by Reno Omokri and say a little about it…

“When we in the South say that the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria are our enemies, we really ought to be aware that we are just playing into the divide and rule strategy of the oligarchs who have been the powers behind the throne in Nigeria for decades and who want the North and the South to be suspicious of each so they can play one side against the other and continue to dominate us to our detriment.”

Look closely at the first line of Reno Omokri’s ridiculous article just like I did and I am sure you will understand why I said it’s ill-informed and ridiculous.

I have never met a Southerner who said Hausa people are their enemies. So who is Evangelist Omokri interacting with?

What’s Reno afraid of and why misquote Southerners just for writing sake?

What Southerners say is that the Muslims in the North want to Islamize the entire country using violent Jihad and other dubious means to force Christians into becoming Muslims. The scheme is well documented.

No single Muslim leader from the North has come out clearly and denounced the violent jihad or refuted the long-term jihadist plot of the Islamic leaders in the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari represents this jihadist movement in Nigeria which is actually being spearheaded by the Fulani and not Hausas. The offensive use of violence to snatch power from a beloved Southern president and the brazen unveiling of a Northern domination agenda has been the hallmark of Buhari’s presidency.

Why blame the victim and tag them wrongly as haters?

Even the Fulani herdsmen are not hated. Their actions provoke anger towards them. These actions are well documented to the extent that global terrorism tracking organizations have named the Fulani herdsmen militia as the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world.

Who in this world would have warm feelings for people who cut off the heads other people while chanting praises to Allah and target your religious brothers and sisters for extermination?

What about the act of kidnapping underaged Christian girls, forcefully converting them to Islam and impregnating them? I am yet to see a single Northern Muslim who strongly condemns that act. In fact, you have Emirs endorsing the criminal pedophile act and providing comfort and shelter to the abductors of these young girls.

We have seen Yunusa Yellow, the truck pusher (not even a wheelbarrow pusher, the locally constructed truck pusher), the man that was so low in society that he didn’t have a surname. He suddenly became a Northern star, dresses aristocratic, flying around the country, and is hailed as an Islamic hero – why so? He abducted a 14-year-old minor from Bayelsa State, took her to the palace of the Emir of Kano, forcefully converted her to Islam, gave her a Muslim name and put her in the family way.

Which decent person would not have disgust for the society or culture that celebrates such moral decadence? Such evil?

Who in this world would have warm feelings for people who cut off the heads of other people and target your religious brothers and sisters for extermination?

Why doesn’t Omokri write an article teaching the northerners who are playing ostrich over these issues why the Southerners view Muslims from the North with suspicion?

Reno Omokri should make a better ‘Evangelist’ of himself please!

Euphemia Udanoh is an author, scriptwriter, and youth activist. She can be reached by email. Connect with her on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


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