Southern Kaduna Genocide: Arrest Killers, Sponsors and Investigate El Rufai’s Complicity Now...

Southern Kaduna Genocide: Arrest Killers, Sponsors and Investigate El Rufai’s Complicity Now | STATEMENT

By News Release on December 25, 2016
Courts El-Rufai tolerance audu maikori journalist el rufai Nasir El Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State
FILE: Nasir El Rufai (middle) being led to his corruption trial by agents of the EFCC

We urgently call on President Muhammadu Buhari, Senate President Bukola Saraki, and Speaker Yakubu Dogara, to immediately intervene in the heinous killings going on in Southern Kaduna and other Northern state, where the minority non-core Hausa Fulani are being gruesomely rounded up and killed in cold blood.

We are alarmed by the uncontrollable killings in southern Kaduna, and we want to categorically state that no Nigerian should be killed in this way in their own land. It is sad that the government who should protect its citizens, has allowed the killings to escalate. We therefore call for the immediate intervention of the Federal Government.

We also urge all those religious extremists to stop this barbaric act; no one should be killed for his or her religion or ethnicity. We are one Nigeria bound by peace, love and unity as initiated by our forefathers. Those sponsoring this evil should, as a matter of fact, know that no religion support killing of any kind. this act is barbaric and alien to modern civilization.

The Christian, the Muslim either in majority or minority should co-exist in one accord. It is very unimaginable that Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, instead of bringing the killers of his people to face law and be served justice accordingly, has gone to pay these murderous evil herdsmen handsomely, which In turn has empowered them to kill and ravage more homes.

In another shocking moves by the killers, the towns in Southern Kaduna where curfew was imposed is same place these killers went on rampage and massacred a lot of innocent people. We are wondering why the curfew was imposed in the first place, if there was no adequate security on ground.

Those at the high places playing with the blood of the innocent Nigerians should have a rethink, they should not kill or destroy what they cannot create. God Almighty who created mankind, did not give instruction that his creation should be gruesomely killed for any reason, as we are currently witnessing in Kaduna South and other part of Nigeria.

We call on the Government, well meaning Nigerians and the international humanitarian organizations to quickly intervene, the people of Southern Kaduna should not be made to suffer the hell they are being subjected to by the Kaduna state government. Adequate security should be provided for them and the killers, supporters and sponsors should be hunted and be brought to justice.

We also call on independent panels of inquires, international Humanitarian organizations, Amnesty International and other Civil Society Organizations to investigate the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai who instead of bringing the militias and killers to face law for the murderous act, has rather empowered them with more cash to buy sophisticated weapons which enables them to return to more villages for this current blood festival.

This evill must stop now, before the whole country is thrown into another needless civil war. Fresh in our mind are the the massacre of the Shiites, IPOB members and other Nigerians, which are still generating issues. We cannot afford to make the daily killing a norm, which will provoke the people of Nigeria to carry weapon against their killers soonest. It is better for the killers to stop now, to allow peace to reign.

Ibrahim Sani Ringim
National Publicity Secretary
The Nigerian Wailers.
Headquarters, FCT, Abuja.


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