Learn Basic Spanish In an Instant With Super Intuitive Apps

Learn Basic Spanish In an Instant With Super Intuitive Apps

By Charlie Brown | Writer-At-Large on August 17, 2018
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Spanish is an incredibly useful language no matter where you are. However, sometimes learning a new language can be difficult or even boring. These apps aim to make it both easy and fun to learn Spanish so that you can learn it as quickly as possible. You’ll be fluent in no time with these great, fun apps!

Start Your Learning Journey with SpeakTribe

SpeakTribe is aimed more at the beginners than the other apps. It will teach you basic words and phrases through intense repetition, that way you never forget the root of any word. It teaches you the most important things first so that you are never stranded without the basics. If you are just getting into Spanish, and you want a fun, simple way to learn, then this is the app for you, without a doubt. There are lots of other beginner apps like this as well.

Best 10 Apps for Learning Spanish

Join Millions of Others Using Duolingo

Duolingo is by far the most popular free language learning app out there. It offers lots of different games and lessons to help you memorize vocabulary, understand conjugation, and learn everything you need to be speaking fluently in no time. Speak along with the voice recordings to perfect your pronunciation, view translated stories and articles, or even work on translating them yourself! This app is a powerhouse when it comes to teaching new words that you wouldn’t have thought you would need. The sky is the limit with this apps, and you will be on of the Spanish-speaking locals in no time at all.

Become Fluent in no Time with Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish is a great app if you are looking to speak conversationally fast. For example, if you go on business trips to Spanish speaking countries and you need basic conversation skills ASAP, then this is the perfect app for you! It even has videos of actual conversations for you to follow along with. Learn how to do basic things like asking for directions, order food, or introduce yourself quickly and easily. Play fun learning games and compete with your friends to see who is the biggest smarty pants. You won’t be bored or ignorant once you start using this app! No way!

Carry Your Own Dictionary with SpanishDict Translator

If you are not interested in games and fun lessons, but you just want a simple way to figure out what a word means, then this is the app for you. Look up a word or look to the conjugation tables offered by the apps so that you know you are saying everything properly. This app is ideal for the intermediate Spanish speakers. If you are already well versed in the Spanish language but need a little help from time to time, then this app is great.

Hopefully, these apps will feed your burning desire to be the best Spanish Speaker of all. Or at least the best in your circle of friends. If you want even more Spanish Learning Apps, one click is enough to find your new Spanish teacher that goes wherever you go.


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