Supreme Council Of Sharia Condemns CAN For Asking Christians To Defend Themselves

Supreme Council Of Sharia Condemns CAN For Asking Christians To Defend Themselves

By City Editor | The Trent on August 8, 2016
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Sultan of Sokoto Mohamed Sa’ad Abubakar III

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria has said that members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the largest Shi’ite sect in country, indicted in the December 2015 clash with the Nigerian Army in Zaria should be punished.

The Sharia Council which made the call in a communiqué issued after a meeting in Kaduna on Sunday, August 7, 2016 said the indicted Shi’ites must be made to face the full wrath of the law for their deeds in the clash.

The call for the punishment of the indicted members of the IMN, according to Sheikh Yusuf Rigachikun, who read out the communiqué, is because Shi’ism is not Islam.

Rigachikun said from the series of lectures by Muslim scholars, it was obvious that “Shi’ism is not Islam” and that Muslims should acquire the knowledge of their religion, “so that they are not derailed.”

He noted that their action against the army was un-Islamic as such; they must pay for their action in accordance with the law of the land.

He argued that even before the report of the panel of inquiry that looked into the clash, the Islamic sect had shown much signs of guilt citing the IMN’s boycott of the commission of inquiry as an indication of guilt.

”From the delivered lectures, it has become obvious that Shi’ism is not Islam and Muslims should acquire the knowledge of their religion, so that they are not derailed from the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW),” the communique read.

“Muslims should also respect and revere all the companions of the Prophet (SAW), and should protect their reputation.”

The council also called on the government to release the White Paper on the crisis saying, “This will go a long way in curbing the menace of Shi’a in our society.”

The council also condemned the Christian Association of Nigeria for a recent call allegedly made by its northern branch to its members to defend themselves against assault from Muslims.

Rigachikun described as un-Christian calls by Christian leaders to urge their members to carry arms against their Muslim counterparts in the face of any crisis.

According to him, “It’s unbecoming of a body of clergymen to make such unguarded call.”

“The council condemned in strongest terms the call by the Christian Association of Nigeria to its members to take up arms to protect themselves,” he said.


  1. Please sir, how does one protects her reputation and how can Christian s defend herself against asult from Muslim. God should help all of us.

  2. some times we need telling ourself the truth Christian defending themselves against Muslims attack is ungodly ,while Muslims killing Christian is ,all about defending their faith. is pure deciet .infact picking guns is the best thing to do

  3. I don’t blame these murderers, whose religion was founded in bloodshed by a warlord pedophile. Christians have allowed them run roughshod over time, and they now take it for granted that they have a right to kill others. The day Christians give it back to them blood for blood, all this nonsense will stop. I think we have got into that phase now.

  4. Why is the sharia movement of Nigeria afraid of Christians taken arms to protect themselves? We have voted for that and that’s exactly what we are prepared to do. War for war if that will make the senseless,thoughtless and unguarded Muslims to respect our rights to serve the living God. Only in Nigeria Christians allowed themselves to be molested,maimed and killed because we embraced peace. Can all this nonsensical nonsense be done to the nation of Israel without fighting back?no. I am one of those who believed that the time of praying alone has exhausted,is now time for prayer and action. Is time to stand for the future of Christianity in Nigeria before this children of the devil takes over completely like Turkey,if we refuse to fight for the future generation of christians(our children’s)so that they will continue in faith just because we are afraid of death,we are not doing any good in defence of our faith and believe. I appreciate the CAN leadership in the north for such wonderful stand for the Northern christians. If nations fought to get freedom,religious freedom is worth fighting and dying for. Enough is enough!

  5. With complicity from the establihment, Fulani/Hausa Muslims in Nigeria have killed thousands of other Nigerians in the name of their religion. Of course, their faith was borne in bloodshed, propagated by violence and sustained by terror.

    They should be ashamed of themselves to condemn the call on Christians to defend themselves against moslem terror. But they must watch it. Nobody has a monopoly of violence, and the day has come for Christians to return blood for blood if attacked any day. That will settle this nonsense. That is what Israel has done over the years. When you are attacked in the name of religion and you return the attack in self defence, then the next aggressor will think twice before daring another attack. That is the phase Christians MUST inaugurate NOW!

  6. Sometimes these people act as if they don’t have brains I mean the Islamic people. God gave us senses to use and not for fancy. Can they just think a little the other way round if they’re the ones been slaughtered as they’re doing. Them no well at all. Christians defend yourself is what I stand for. UP UP CHRISTIANITY!!! UP UP WE GO!!!

  7. Even if CAN didn’t say that, we are ready to defend our self.why the killing? you can’t stop your Muslim fellows from killing but you are accusing Christian for defending there self. go and seat down .these time around we will not be silent

  8. So we should just fold our hands and be killed? Thunder ⚡ fire the head of whoever that said we should not carry arms. It is time to stand and defend the Christian faith. No only the northern Christians that should carry arms, every Christian in Nigeria should carry arm, and anytime a Christian is killed, we kill two Muslims, let the war begin, we have kept silence for long and the Muslims have taken us for granted

  9. In the days of Nehimiah while they were rebuilding the walls of jerusalem, Gods children held on there hands a Sword on one hand and trowel on the other hand. ready to defend themselves against sambalat and tobia ( acient islam). All Gods children defend yourself against d present sambalat and tobia(present islamic) plans to kill christians. Christains Defending yourself is Godly.

  10. When has self defence , becomes a crime. Abeg go sit down for corner. We will not launch an Attack of any kind, but we will defend our territory with all we have got. Simple

  11. Yes the War has just Started; Its is better for Christians in Nigeria to raise up due to the systematic convergence of the Nigerian state to a particular religion which we will not allowed to happen. Bam!!!!!

  12. But he hadn’t condemned any attacks by Muslims against Christians, why running his mouth now. This what i call mouth diarrhoea.

  13. When they were killing Christians u didn’t say anything, now that they want to defend them selves u condemn it. God will punish you… Hypocrites

  14. As much as I strongly believe in oneness of this nation, I want to agree to the call of self defense against the excessiveness of the Muslims killing Christians. I know if it was a Christian doing all these to Muslims, this country would have splited a long time ago. Please, don’t condemn CAN for this call. It is very necessary now for xtians to protect themselves against untimely death.

  15. Nehemiah was in heaven, not in hell, with many Israelites who rebuilt the Temple with him,
    After the Threat of death and mockrey from the same Arabian Muslims (, Samballat and Tobias)
    But Nigerian’s Christian are Cowardly Cowards who are not ready to die or defend their faith in the the name of fear called holiness,
    God will judge all of us great and small if we allow Blood thirsty Muslims in wiping away Christianity In Nigeria

  16. Am leaving you christians in Nigeria with Fela Remix If Muslims kill you anywhere and go free ” Na your fault be that” and am giving you what Joshua gave his family “As for me and my family ” we’ll defend our faith and selves by all means possible.

  17. If you feel the call made by CAN is ungodly as you put it then tell us what your call on your members to continue killing Christians is. LET THE KILLINGS STOP.

  18. The Christian have been quite for so long and the Moslem youths has been killing Christian in the name of defending their faith ,I believe it’s high time for all Christian to defend themselves .maybe that will bring a solution.

  19. I think it’s high time Christians got conscious of the fact that the only language that the devil understands is confrontation. As long as long as Christians present themselves as willing victims, and wait and watch or at the best, run, they (the aggressors) will continue to chase and overtake and kill and destroy. But I tell you, as daring and desperate the devil is, he is also very timid. When the equation changes, when the hitherto voluntary victim gathers the courage needed to stare the devil in the face, my brother, it will be the monster’s turn to run. That’s why the Bible says ‘ Resist the devil and he will flee from you’.

  20. I think the devil has chased us this far because we Christians have always presented ourselves to these aggressors as cheap meat. They have always had a field day killing and maiming Christians in their Churches and at their homes as a way of pleasing ‘God’. I think the earlier Christians become conscious of the fact that the only language the devil understands is confrontation the better. We strengthen the devil and harden his bones when we wait for him, and watch as he depletes our number with relish. We must know that as daring and desperate as the devil is, he is a coward. I tell you, when the equation changes, when the hitherto voluntary victim summons sufficient necessary courage to stare the him straight in the face, my brother , it will surely be the turn of the aggressor to ‘pick race’. This is such a time when the Church should draw inspiration from the Scripture in James chapter 4 verse 7 ”Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

  21. The supreme council of sharia are very stupid for making such statement. Christians are ready to defend themselves now.

  22. That man is talking from his anus. This time around no going back. Every Christian should carry gun not just weapon. For I know the God that lead the children of Israel in battle will fight for us.

  23. The law of the old testament code named ‘LAW O F MOSES’ Should be implemented by Christians for self defence in naija. Enough is enough jareh!

  24. Is this man for real ? i didnt read anywhere where he condemned assault on christians by muslims. He needs his head to be reexamined. There is such a thing in law as self defence. Infringe on my right to life and i will protect it however i can.

  25. They are now condemning CAN for instructing Christian to defend themselves, I think these people have ulterior motives for murdering innocent Christian. It is high time we defend ourselves.

  26. We are not only getting ready but we have been spiritually armed to confront any senseless attempt to slaughter us just for trivial matters, a little thing they will be haunting Christian to slaughter,listen, enough is enough!

  27. They always plan the killings of Christians secretly in their mosque, all the muslem leaders are in the planning and in the full knowledge of the killings of Christians at all times. That is why Boko Haram ll not stop in Nigeria. Christians must also start planning in the secret preparing their people ready at all times. The constitution of Nigeria provided for everyone to defend himself and to freely practice his faith. Christians everywhere in Nigeria should always be ready to defend themselves, not only in the northern part of Nigeria. Every good Christian leader must know how to prepare his people against the wicked attacks of evil. Islam is only peaceful on the lips, but in practice is known for bloodbath. If the Fulani herdsmen and all muslems are free to carry arms at all times, then the same must apply to Christians.

  28. Am happy that Christians are waking up to defend themselves. Self defense is the first law of nature.
    When it’s time to fight, fight back and God will give us victory.

  29. right from foundation of the bible there is no scripture that contradict war… the prophet of old fought with their last breath so Christians should buy guns and if u cant afford it sort it and let’s start killing muslim just the same way they have been killing Christians, there is no terrorist anywhere apart from muslim (muslim are the terrorist) and they claim that Islam is a religion of peace where is the peace… all the muslim brothers I’ve seen don’t have the heart of forgiveness and that is common among them…. Christian defend yourself

  30. Jihad is a cardinal & fundamental belief in Islam, maiming & killing of non-muslims lives is taught. They lie when they say Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is peace & yet every terror in whole world is perpetrated by Moslems. What do the swords in the emblem of Islam stand for? Of course swords were and are still weapons of warfare. The Islamic Council of Nigeria wants an easy ride by killing Christians without resistance. Sheik Rigachikun & his cohorts are bloodthirsty agents of Satan-the murderer & father of all lies

  31. Posterity will blame us if we do not protect our faith, lives, land & future. Now the Islamic council is denying those in their midst who kill christians, Christians should really defend themselves. But I feel they are just telling lies. The killers are their vanguards . Christians must stop them. Enough is enough


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