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Taliban Kidnaps 35 Professors In Afganistan

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The war on terrorism seems to be an unending battle daily suffering drastic, global attacks on different scales. While Nigeria tackles Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Al-Shabab and other terrorists group hold sway in other parts of the world.

While holding Pakistan’s biggest Karachi International Airport hostage for two straight days, reports have it that the dreaded Taliban whose strong hold extends across the border into Afghanistan, have struck close to Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, abducting 35 professors in their most recent attack.

taliban-soldiers- The trent

Leadership reports:

Dawa-Khan Minapal, spokesman for Afghanistan Southern Provincial Governor said on Tuesday that Taliban insurgents had kidnapped 35 professors from Kandahar University after stopping their van on the highway to Kabul.

He said the professors were on their way to Kabul when they were abducted.

Manapal said tribal elders had started negotiating their release with the Taliban.

He said this was coming ahead of Saturday’s run-off vote to replace President Hamid Karzai.

Manapal said security was being ramped up in Afghanistan.

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