The 6 Most Anticipated PC Games In 2020

The 6 Most Anticipated PC Games In 2020

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on September 29, 2020
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2019 was the fruitful year for PC gamers with loads of surprises like Outer Wilds, and Disco Elysium hits that take gaming beyond the limits of releases like offline slots. These indie games took the crown while big-budget series piled up on the back banner. 2020, however, is set to take gamers’ expectations to a whole other level, especially with franchises that have been lying dormant over time. 

Although COVID-19 has made 2020 a sporadic year, to say the least, with delayed releases, things appear to be slowly adapting to a new normal. This article rounds up every major game that is set to make 2020 a blockbuster year for the PC gaming community.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was announced even before the Witcher 3 was released, and it was an instant hit with the gaming audience. The set, which is the product of CD Projekt, is a highly anticipated classic that, unlike other games by the developer, is set in the future. Cyberpunk 2077 adopts the popular open-world concept that takes players to Night City, a neon metropolis. In this futuristic era, people are obsessed with glamour, power, and cyber body modifications. Players hop into the shoes of V, a mercenary outlaw in search of a unique implant that comes with an immortality upgrade. The game is highly awaited for various reasons, including:

  • It sets new standards with its complexity from visuals to the depth of the storyline.
  • Players are accompanied by a holographic simulation of world-famous Keanu Reeves, famous for his character in the Matrix Trilogy.
  • Availability of not only upgradeable weapons but also body-enhancing implants and hacking skills.
  • Ability to build street cred by taking down the police and corporate security, which lets one land better jobs.
  • Ability to collect money that can be used to buy weapons, cyberware, vehicles, and even clothes.
  • An adaptable storyline that changes based on the character’s actions.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the most anticipated release by FromSoftware in 2020. Not much has been revealed about the game, except that it is a dark fantasy RPG game that is the collaborative effort between George R. R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki. These parties are well known for their relentlessly grim minds, with George being famous for the Song of Fire and Ice. Therefore, one can see why the PC gaming world is lying in anticipation of the Elden Ring release, which is sure to carry a well-realized realm that takes players on a hauntingly beautiful story. FromSoftware has yet to specify a release date for the game, but it is expected to be a big production riddled with mystery and doom.

Crusader Kings 3

The wait for Crusader Kings 3 ended on 1st September when the game was finally released. The Paradox Development Studio game is a sequel by the same company that takes players on a long journey to establish and maintain their dynasty rule in middle age Europe. This time around, ensuring the success of the royal bloodline takes more than a sword. With cunning, players also have to forge alliances with influential houses for the survival of the royals. The game has the tasks, which include:

  • Selecting a noble house in any of the realms on the map, which covers everything from India to Iceland and Central Africa to the Arctic Circle.
  • Gathering new lands, titles, and power to cement the rule of the dynasty for centuries to come.
  • Experiencing and containing the drama that comes with living in the Middle Ages, such as revolts by peasants and raids by Vikings.
  • Being a gracious ruler and creating an alliance with the church and other religious powers.
  • Alternatively, creating a new religion and earning fame among the people.

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel Comics’ The Avengers is arguably the most successful franchise of the past decade with hit after hit in the box office. With such fame, the release of a game that allows players to take part in the avenging action was expected. Marvel Avengers creates a unique cinematic storyline with Captain American, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Ms Marvel at the centre of it all. Some of the features that make this game a cool 2020 release are:

  • An original storyline that is not associated with the films, but it still has recognizable locations, powerful villains, and incredible powers for the protagonists.
  • Single-player and multiplayer options, with the latter being able to support up to four players to overcome intense threats.
  • Unlock powerful skills as the gameplay progresses and use them differently to suit your style of play.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man is a famous comic book character that has featured in numerous films over the decades. In 2020, he gets an action-adventure game by Insomniac Games for PlayStation 4 and 5 users, as well as PC gamers. The game is based on the newest character playing the superhero, Miles Morales, and it will be a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-man released in 2018. The PC game is set to release between 12th and 19th November. In the game, players will protect New York City with the noticeable absence of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. Unlike the first game, players explore a much broader story that even covers the origins of Miles and allows him to explore numerous abilities despite lacking the experience that Peter has.

Star Wars: Squadrons

2019 was not the best year for Star Wars lovers with the release of The Rise of Skywalker garnering mixed reviews. However, gamers that love the franchise can look forward to a new PC game, Star Wars: Squadrons. The upcoming October release is a space combat game published by EA and is set to be available on PS4 and Xbox One alongside Microsoft Windows. Players will explore never-seen-before areas in space such as the shattered moon of Galitan, where epic battles take place. Gamers have to work as a team of pilots to beat their enemies with different starfighter classes like the Imperial fleets.


These games are aligned with the release of the new consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. Nearly all new releases will be available to play on these gadgets and some old ones, such as the PS4.


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