‘Too Thin’: 6 Steps To Overcome An Eating Disorder

‘Too Thin’: 6 Steps To Overcome An Eating Disorder

By Fem Side on March 26, 2014
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Looking thin is a view that many people have. It comes from seeing the movie stars and models everywhere. However, it is possible to be too thin. Not eating enough leads to health problems, and can even lead to death. Too many women become so focused on being thin that they suffer from eating disorders. It’s time to fight back and here are some tips to help.

1. Understand Healthy Eating

The first thing to do is know that your eating disorder isn’t healthy. It’s not something you need to do, and could actually be damaging your metabolism. You’re not getting the nutrients that your body needs, and you need to focus on eating healthy portions. Your doctor or a dietician can help with this.

2. Get Rid of the Magazines


Stop focusing on the photos of the stick-thin models. These are causing you to act through the eating disorder. It’s time to get rid of the damaging magazines and stop watching the TV shows that make you believe that being stick-thin is good.

You want to focus on a healthy body, and that involves building muscle and having some curves. There are magazines aimed at this, which can help.

3. Admit You Have an Eating Disorder

You may not even realise that there is a problem right now. It’s only when you’re on the right track that you realise just how damaging your eating disorder was.

One of the first things that you can do is admit that there is a problem and you need to start making changes to your life. This can take some time, and you may need some help.

4. Talk to Someone

Don’t keep your thoughts and feelings bottled up. Even if you’re not ready to admit it right now, you can talk to someone about your potential eating disorder.

Choose someone you trust and someone you know won’t judge you. It could be your mom, a sibling, your best friend or you could even opt for professional therapy. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can get back on the right track.

5. Join a Support Group


There are a number of support groups for those with eating disorders. Some will be in your area, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, while others will be online.

Choose a method of support that works for you. Right now, you may be too nervous to meet people face-to-face, and the computer will give you that view of anonymity. Any type of support group is good, because you get to learn the skills that others have used to defeat their eating disorders.

6. Consider Hypnotherapy

One method of overcoming eating disorders is hypnotherapy. This works by getting into your subconscious and changes the way you think about food and your body.

It helps to overcome the doubts and the misconceptions about what looks good, so you can focus on living a healthy and fulfilling life. Seeing a professional may help at first, but you’ll eventually develop the techniques and coping methods to go it alone.

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