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Top 4 Moods Men Have And How To Cope With Them

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by Anna Bella

One of the things that men say about women constantly is that they are moody. They comment about women and their moods. However, they are far from being perfect themselves.

If the truth be known, men should look at their own humps first!

It’s True – Men Are Moody!

Because men can be moody at different times, it’s very hard to work out what prompts their strange behavior. But if you know the kind of moods men tend to have, you can be one step ahead of him when he does get into these strange moods.

Knowing what his moods are related to and being able to identify them, can permit you to win the battle that will ensue. Sure, tempers do flare, but coping with all of this in a mature way is all about being in love with him and being there to show him you care.

Which of These Five Moods Does Your Man Experience?

1. He’s Wearing His Cranky Pants – If he comes home from a hard day’s work and has his cranky pants on, it could very well be because he is having a problem at work or simply hates his job.

He has no regular outlet to vent his frustrations, so you become that outlet for him. Nothing you can say or do will make him happy.

The best way to deal with this mood is to leave him alone and let him simmer down on his own. When he has calmed down enough, ask him if he wants to talk about anything.

If he says no, tell him that you are there for him regardless. Let him know that you do love him and want to help him work his anger issues out.

Be a listening ear and tell him that if he has a problem, you would rather he tell you, and not take it out on you. Offering love and support will make him see that you aren’t his enemy.

However, if his cranky pants become angry pants, there’s a difference. Angry people can become violent people. And if that happens, it’s essential that you seek outside help immediately. You are not there to suffer any kind of abuse from anyone.

2. He’s The Green Eyed Monster – This can literally drive women up the wall when their man gets jealous every time they go out or you add a male friend on Facebook.

A little jealousy is not a bad thing as we all need a little reassurance every now and then. But constant, full-on jealousy is a sign of insecurity and lack of trust on his part. If he expresses his jealousy a great deal and it gets out of control, the best way to deal with it is to get some counseling.

A woman should never tolerate a man constantly expressing his jealousy about her seeing friends or talking to the opposite sex at work. A woman needs to nip this mood in the bud and tell him to get his act together or get out.

Jealousy is unhealthy and not a good thing. A jealous mood can promote anger and violence. If a man continues to have a jealous mood, decide if you want to be controlled by his green eyed monster for the rest of your life.

 3. He’s Mr. Traffic Controller – Men are traditionally thought of as being the king of the castle and man of the house. And I love nothing more than having my wonderful man come home and tell me he has booked us a table at our favorite restaurant for dinner. But not every night. I like to have a say in what we do and where we go, too. And so should you.

If a man is beginning to take control of you and your life a little too much, let him know gently that you have your own way of doing things and that you are an individual too.

Lovingly let him have his way every now and then, but don’t give in too easily or too much. You need equality in a relationship, not control.

Remember, a woman should never allow a man to totally control her or bully her in any way. If your man begins to go over the top and is showing signs of domination and bullying, you need to take charge and make it clear that you won’t stand for that sort of behavior.

Back away from him and in your own way, tell him to shape up or ship out. Two people in love respect each other without trying to control each other. One doesn’t dominate the other at all.

 4. It’s All About Me – The fourth mood that men often display, is their flare up of selfishness. Being a little selfish is okay at times. We all want to have only ourselves to think about. But not all the time.

When you are in a relationship, it’s about both of you – not one of you. If you notice that he is becoming self-centered and overbearing, tell him right away that the world isn’t all about him. As nicely as possible of course!

I had a good friend who was told she had breast cancer. She asked her husband to come to her first chemo session with her. His response was, “Sorry, I’m going fishing.”

That is the purest act of selfishness that I know of. They are now divorced and she has since found someone very unselfish, ready to be with her for better or for worse.

You need to have your time and he needs his time. But when things get tough, you need to be there for each other. If he’s only there for himself, the best way to cope isn’t by you getting selfish, it is by you refusing to let him be selfish.

Let’s face it: Things go wrong in our lives and we all get into our little moods every now and then. But moods shouldn’t last over a period of days or weeks. If they do, see it as a red flag and rethink your relationship.

If you’re already committed to him and don’t want to rethink your relationship, seek professional help before things get too hard to handle.

Anna Bella is an expert relationship writer, having spent over a decade exploring different dating avenues before finding her perfect match on a cruise ship. Now she helps others find their own perfect match and helps to keep their relationship alive over a lifetime. Anna Bella loves sharing her quotes and messages through Facebook and Instagram.

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