Top 6 Of The Most Glamorous Table Games

Top 6 Of The Most Glamorous Table Games

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Table games enthusiasts have one thing in common: they want to play the most glamorous tabletop games, especially those with a high replay value and fantastic cash rewards. One place we would recommend to all our readers would be Cozino, they have some amazing online games to play.

Here’s a list of the top 6 most glamorous table games ever. Our list comprises of quaint and new, featherweight and heavy, virtual and visual. There is something for everyone. Feel free to select the games that meet your needs. One thing is certain: you will not regret playing any of these games.

1.     Gloomhaven

If you are into dungeon exploration games, then this classic will blow your mind. Gloomhaven is more cooperative than competitive.

Here is how it works: Players collaborate to clean up tombs and dangerous ruins. The game involves various clever twists and turns. And if legacy games and tactical combat is your thing, then Gloomhaven will take you to cloud nine.

2.   The Big Six Wheel

The Big Six wheel is popular for its spinning money wheels. It is called the Wheel of Fortune, because as the name refers, it can win you a fortune in seconds. All you have to do is play (by spinning its big round wheels) and hope Lady Luck smile at you. The Big Six is an unequal game of chance.

To play this game legally, you’d have to visit a licensed casino. The rich and glamorous are often seen gathering around these money wheels. Whenever you’re in the mood to win a fortune, perhaps it will be a good idea to go spin the big six wheel and you can always try some of the best online casinos from the comfort of your home.

3.   Mega Fortune– The Ritzy Slot With An Irresistible Jackpot

Speaking of making a fortune within the blink of an eye, Mega Fortune is one fantastic virtual table game to try. This glamorous slot game is filled with diamonds, yachts, luxury cars and—wait for it—champagne. No wonder it ranks as one of the most popular online games ever.

What makes it special is that there are a lot of jackpots and many different cash prizes awarded to players. The game is all prize galore and the progressive jackpot increases, the play gets closer to winning millions of dollars. So if you enjoy playing online games, then you should try these new slot machines.

4.     This War Of Mine: The Board Game

Human beings are wired to enjoy good stories. So if you love a compelling story, then you’ll love This War of Mine.

What makes this game special is its long paragraphs of fiction. The backstories enhance the narrative. Although it includes stories as old as Tales of the Arabian Nights, the game is very popular among both young and old.

This cooperative game was adapted from a video game. Here players collaborate to thrive in a city destroyed by war. It is a very emotional and exciting game to play with friends.

5.     Casino War

It is difficult to list glamorous games without mentioning casino war. Based on the game of War, casino war is a trademarked casino table game. What makes it popular is its simplicity and availability.

Of all the casino card games, it is arguably one of the most easily understood. And if you want a card game where the players are fifty percent more likely to beat the dealer, then casino war is your best bet.

6.     Snooker

Snooker is not just a glamorous tabletop game; it is also a cue sport. In fact, it is arguably one of the most popular tabletop games ever played by the modern man.

It is played on a green rectangular table that has inbuilt pockets at each of the four corners. There must be another pocket in the middle of each long side. Players are expected to strike the white ball so that it pots the other balls in the right order. Each pot earns the player a series of points or scores. Quite naturally, the player with the highest score wins.

Snooker is also one of those games that has been known to earn players a fortune.

In conclusion, there is a plethora of table games out there. Choosing the right game for you can be quite a challenge. One thing is certain though. You can never go wrong with any of the aforementioned six table games.


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