Top 8 Things Women Do NOT Like About Men

Top 8 Things Women Do NOT Like About Men

By Lifestyles | The Trent on October 7, 2014
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No matter how much a woman loves her man, there are bound to be some traits she simply hates. This is true for most women. Guys have certain traits that women cannot stand. Here are 8 such habits that women do not like in their men.

The ordeal of the wet towel

Most women swear by this habit that men simply fail to take notice. They have a habit of leaving wet towels on the floor, or bed and even on the sofa. Changing this habit would have saved women a lot of time and energy but who cares?


Messy kitchen

Women love guys who help them in the kitchen. Some men are over-enthusiastic and try their hands at cooking. But they leave behind messy kitchen. Somehow men dislike cleaning and scrubbing and expect their partners to handle this.

helping her in kitchen works

Scattered stuff

This is again a common habit that men find very hard to give up. They love piling up things. Old books and magazines, sports gear and clothes they have not worn in last three years all find place in their rooms. Women have to bear this mess in their homes and cannot throw these out even though they feel an urge to do so.

Male Bad Habit Meshy rooms

Commenting on TV viewing

It is true that seldom men and women share common interest in TV programs. While men are known for their love for games, women like to watch modeling shows, reality talent shows and serials. But what women find annoying is guys’ habit of making comments. They love to mock at the shows women watch.

Commenting on TV viewing

 Inadequate grooming

Some men are oblivious of the fact that deodorants, floss and shampoos have particular use in the modern society. They will never take baths properly and leave their hair unkempt to utter disgust of their women. They will continue to wear age-old clothes and never think of grooming themselves up.

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Listening with half mind

This is something that irritates women to no length. When she is trying to say something serious and wants her man to listen to her, he is either nodding his head absent-mindedly or playing with his mobile. Listening with full attention does not come easy to a man.

Listening her with half mind

Filthy toilets habits

Wet floors with muddy footprints on them and stacks of newspapers and books in the toilet are some of the irritating things that women have to withstand. No matter how much you try to tell them that these are unhealthy habits, men refuse to pay any heed.

muddy footprints on wet floor

Not informing in time

Most men are so busy that they tend to forget to inform their partners of late returns or their tour programs. This is so frustrating when you have to wait of him for hours and then find out that he is busy in a meeting. He may even forget to tell you that he will be out of station next weekend and only after you have made a plan he comes up with his excuse.

Men will be men. Most women have come to terms with this fact. Still, these are most irritating traits that women hate to find in their men.

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