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The jungle may look like a fun place to visit and stay for a while. However, this is not your typical civilized area where you can easily buy food and find shelter. There are lots of incidents of people who get lost in the jungle and they have to find their way out. Here are a few tips that will help you survive if you unexpectedly get lost in any jungle.

Look for water

Human beings can survive for about three days without drinking water when they are active or the temperatures are high. The human body is made of 85% water and dehydration can cause heatstroke, exhaustion and even death within days. Getting water in the jungle may not be as difficult as most people imagine. However, you must ensure that the water you find is safe for drinking. You should boil water before drinking to avoid getting sick. You can collect water from rainfall, drops off plants or vegetation or by creating your solar water still.

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Look for food

Food is the second most important thing you need to survive in a jungle. There is lots of food readily available in the jungle and you should know what to look for. Your food choices include edible plants, insects, fish, and fruits. You will have to figure out the edible plant species unless you have a guidebook. You can also set traps for animals so that you can eat some meat.


You will require shelter to keep you safe, especially if you will be stuck in the jungle for days. However, you should avoid spending your time and energy trying to create a shelter that you will not use for a long time. You should come up with a simple makeshift shelter that will provide protection from different elements and wild animals.


Start a fire

Fire is crucial because it will help to keep the cold away, boil water and boil rags that you may need for disinfecting any wounds. Even the hottest jungle will get cold at night and you will need fire to keep you warm and keep off animals. Ensure that your fire is small because a large one can get out of control and cause lots of destruction. Check out for more tips on starting a fire.

Keep moving

You should keep moving if you want to get back to civilization or get help from people. To achieve this, you must have a sense of direction. It is best for you to move in a straight direction to avoid going in circles, especially if the jungle is big. You should always find a point of reference that will help you find your way as you continue walking.

Watch out for predators

In the jungle, predators are around you and they come in different sizes and forms. You should watch out for poisonous snakes and insects. The jungle is full of all kinds of harmless and dangerous animals. You should always listen for clues in your surrounding as you move. You should also be careful when handling plants because some of them are thorny and poisonous.

For you to survive in any jungle, you must establish your priorities of staying alive. You need to find drinking water, build a shelter, find food sources and create a tool or weapon for making things or protecting yourself. By finding all these and being cautious with your moves, you will definitely get back to civilization and get the help you need.


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