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How to deal with toxic people if you can’t avoid them

At birthdays they sometimes wish you to deal with nice people only. Unfortunately, real life makes you face all kinds of people who are far from being nice and friendly. It’s great when you can just avoid an unpleasant person altogether, but it’s not always possible. What if you have to work on a project or assignment with a person who is hard to establish contact with – even if you are the most easy-going person around? In this case, simple custom essay bee writing can turn into torture. Are there ways of dealing with such people? Definitely!

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Judgemental criticizers

Whatever you do, whatever you’ve achieved, you won’t get any praise from them, and their criticism will always be unconstructive. They are not pleased with anything; they find fault with the smallest details. Is your coursework writing folder brightly colored? That’s just not right! It’s very hard to explain something to judgemental criticizers – they make conclusions long before they hear any arguments.

How to deal with them

  • Turn deaf ear to any unconstructive criticism. It’s not necessary to answer to everything that was said to you or about you. This especially concerns any negative statements. Just save your nerves.
  • Fight them with your friendly well-wishing attitude. “Professional” criticizers see the world around them in darker shades. If you want to disarm them, show them that not everything is that bad. Do they point out how lame your creative writing ideas are? Thank them and praise their attention to detail.
  • Bring any criticism to the public debate. It’s easy to criticize one person. Try to engage other people in discussion. A criticizer will most likely think twice before confronting you next time.

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For some reason, they think that best things in life must happen to them only. They just can’t deal with someone else’s success and hate to think of someone who has achieved more than them. It’s just pointless to expect any kind of positive reaction to someone’s joy and luck from these people.

How to deal with them
  • Never share your good news with them personally. If you know they can’t say more than a very dry “Congratulations” – don’t tell them of your success in person, however small this success is. Better share it with your friends on Facebook.
  • Thank them. If your victory or success is the result of teamwork, thank the team in whole and each member of it in particular. This way no hater will have a chance to say they were left out and misappreciated.
  • Don’t brag or show off. Most often haters will show up when a person dwells on his or her achievements too much. It’s surely tempting to tell about your unparalleled writing skills to others, but try to hide your joy from people you don’t have much in common with.
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People of this type always think they always suffer the most, get less and that everyone around owes them. To find excuses for their personal omissions, they blame circumstances and other people and rarely take personal responsibility for anything.

How to deal with them
  • Never play along and make their life easier. Let them know that they are team players like any other team member and so they must meet the same requirements everybody else does.
  • If you know that a person frequently fails deadlines and then blames power outages and lack of Internet connection, feel free to remind them about these deadlines a few days in advance. If it doesn’t work, time to say goodbye to the victim.
  • Remain formal. If it’s not one of your friends, there’s no point in having deep conversations about why they do what they do. The victim might attempt to shift responsibility and unfinished tasks on you. So keep distance.
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Not even half an hour ago you talked during lunchtime and now all your fellow students dart weird glances at you, talking to this same person. Soon you might learn something new and very surprising.

How to deal with them
  • Don’t share any personal information. Don’t tell a potential gossipmonger something that doesn’t concern them – even if they swear they will keep your secrets.
  • Ask them not to discuss yourself with others. There is a chance a person just thinks you won’t mind if he or she shares this information with others.
  • Talk to them when other people are around. If gossip keeps inflating with new fantastic details, you must nail the gossipmonger to the wall. Choose time when your team of friends get together and then confront them.
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You’ve caught them lying a few times already. You just never know when they lie and when they don’t. These people are really hard to trust.

How to deal with them

  • Ask lots of questions. Suggest that they provide more details. If they are lying, they’ll get confused.
  • Demand specific results. Pay no attention to words – pay attention to actions.
  • Double-check information. Does the success of your project or even your reputation depend on their words? Double-check any information that comes from them.

You can meet toxic people anywhere, from real life to comments in your blog where you do expressive writing. Learn not to take their words and actions too seriously. Life is too short to waste it on people who make you feel bad.


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