UK Police Finally Clears Alexia Thomas Of Fraud Allegations

UK Police Finally Clears Alexia Thomas Of Fraud Allegations

By Ella Ukairo | News Reporter on December 24, 2016
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A signage at a London office of the Metropolitan Police | Reuters

Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas has finally been cleared of allegations of fraud leveled against her by the United Kingdom Police authorities.

A statement released by her media office said: “On the 23/09/2016, Prof. Alexia Thomas was arrested by the Police at Charring Cross Station, London in the United Kingdom because she was working in an Open Office Server at 8 Northumberland Avenue, WC2N 5BY and had no Security Officials or Body Guard at the Time of being taken Hostage and detained for 4 days.

“All Barrage of indictment formulated against her meant she could be charged, but Prof. Alexia Thomas savaged all Conspiracies against her, taught the Police Officers the Social Studies they lacked and proved she may be Black but her knowledge is unbeatable. It was then affirmed that she is the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party and had equal Powers as the Government elected to Protect. She has the Veto to Provide Services the Ruling Conservative Government will readily provide to the Black and Colored People.

Professor Alexia Thomas

“The Police were on a Wild Goose Chase and their leads were foiled as Prof. Alexia Thomas had not breached any Law instead acted as Compelled by the Autonomy of her Executive Powers as the Chairman and Founder of The Commonwealth Liberation Party.

“Prof. Alexia Thomas was eventually released from Police Custody on the 27/09/2016 and has since been free to carry on with her Party Modus Operandi.

“The Erudite Prof. Thomas is more determined, though a Silent Voice and her kind of Politics is that with Ideology free of Vanities and Gains.

“All Persons who believe in the cause of Humanist and Service Users of Prof. Alexia Thomas Instruments Of Law Packages are invited to patronize the Will of Revolution geared by Prof. Alexia Thomas which history has not known.

“Prof. Alexia Thomas deserves to be Hailed and Celebrated as she is the Reason the Blacks for the First Time have a Voice in the United Kingdom being a White Supremacist Settlement, Civil Right Movement crippled by Legislative Confraternity until Prof. Alexia Thomas devoured the Culture of Legalised Despotism.

“She is the Greatest Philosopher of the 21st Century and the fusion of her tenacity and virtues is unveiled in her over One Thousand and Seventeen (1117) Philosophical Quotes available on her Personal Professor Alexia Thomas Website, The Commonwealth Liberation Party Website and Independent Diplomat Commission Website.

“Prof. Alexia Thomas commented, “I am not a Criminal and the insinuation of selling Fake Immigration Documents is a Tautology of Legal Mediocrity because the VERITAS of Justice as the Brunt of Truth Vindicated me”.

“These are the Words and Statement of Prof. Alexia Thomas as she grants a Press Conference to Members of her Media Team. “The Eyes that Sees the Wind Cries with the Wind – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas. “I am the Angel of Hope and the Goddess of Love”. She Pronounces that her White Families have brought destruction against her Black Families.

She echoes, “I am afflicted by God for the Transgression of Men, So do not Cry for me. I will not die until all Men and Women Regain their Freedom. I am a Saint and above Humans as I am indestructible.”

It be Recalled that on the 19th July 2016, Prof. Alexia Thomas was declared most wanted and alleged of selling Fake Immigration Documents in the UK. The allegation claimed she had various aliases.

The UK News Media showed the story on BBC, Sky, ITV and other print Media.

The statement added: “Prof. Thomas was flabbergasted, She said it saddens her that such inappropriate behaviour of the Metropolitan Staff has brought shame to the Police Institution and disreputation to their Integrity and they cannot deny they are not aware of her Justice Pursuit, but because British Police suffers from Race Inferiority, they are in denial, thus the reason for their mischief and misconduct.

“She informed the Police Commissioner and his Officers to rub their faces in the Mud, as it is a shame to British Civilisation and their Stunt was a Covert Operation to silent her Voice. Prof. Alexia Thomas released a World Press Statement on Social Media and a letter sent to the Office of the Police Commissioner countering the allegations and by 5pm on same date, the TV Stations took down the Stories.

“Demagogue Prof. Alexia Thomas asserts that her attack is because Stupidity is the Brunt of British Immigration Work Ethics and Immigration Rogue Masters were in a malicious attempt to Pervert the Cause of Justice in a Case of Murder and Homicide of which Commonwealth Citizens died in Detention Centres.

“She worked as a Political and Human Rights Advocate and Powered by the Freedom Of Information Act 1998, UK Border Agency Detention Services Directorate revealed to her in a Letter Ref: FOI 9564 dated 24/06/2008 and signed by Mr. David Goggin that 12 People died in their Care from 1989 to 2008 in which 8 were Self Inflicted Injuries.

“She has Murder Cases against Immigration Officials and in a working collaboration with the UK Counter Terrorism War Crime Team to bring the Perpetrators to Justice, so they Plotted to subjugate her Justice Quest.

“In an Administrative Scam played by Immigration Rogue Masters to keep her in a Psychiatric Facility in November 2010 just to Silence her Voice citing a Mental Case, failed, still all Jeopardy against her, she proved indestructible. The reason for their Insanity is because she is Black and a Woman who supersedes their Academic and Professional intellect.

“Her Party, The Commonwealth Liberation Party has legitimate autonomy and Independent Diplomat Commission are all reputable organisations Founded by Her.

“The actions to declare her Most Wanted was promulgated by White Supremacist insane sycophants acting as Immigration mercenaries.

“To be declared most wanted under the Criminal Code simply means the Subject must be captured Dead or Alive. She realised the dangerousity of the Public Announcement and as an Encyclopaedia of Knowledge and Oracle and being a Mother of Saint, her instinct prompted her ability to control the Police and their misconduct.

“Till date, she has still not received any Apology because the Police knew the implication of their actions.

“In pursuit of Justice for Dead Victims’ Families to be Compensated, She requested to know their Graveyards so they can be given befitting Burials, but in an Entrapment, Immigration Rogue Masters apprehended her Justice Quest and set up Criminal Scams to have a Vigilante Organisation ‘Office Of Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC)’ with Equivocally Status with her Organisation ‘Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC)’ to have her Falsely Imprisoned in August 2010 for 18 Months through a Private Prosecution because the State Police and Crown Prosecution refused to take the Case since they knew she acted in accordance with her Profession as a Rights Advocate.

“In March of 2015, She became the Leader and Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, a Registered United Kingdom Political Party, and now have Powers to work with the Office of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to reopen the Investigation of Dead Victims Hidden in Secret Graves and Commonwealth Citizens Rights Violation in Detention Centres. The Case Dossier re-opened under Ref: 2016030000062 for Investigation and Prosecution and the matter allocated to the SO15 – Counter Terrorism Command War Crimes Team, New Scotland Yard, 10 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BG.

“Professor Alexia Thomas has said that the only reason she renounced her Nigerian Nationality for British Citizenship is to have Equal Authority to recoup the Justice desired for the People of Commonwealth Free Border Entry to the UK.

“She defined Nationality as simply – ‘Stigmatisation of Limitation’ – so it will be Prohibited in the 21st Century Politics.

“She said it is time the ruling Conservative Government stay off her Boundaries, though they will collapse very soon and demand her immediate Recognition because stopping her is an impossibility because she is a Living Oracle.

“Therefore, all Agencies of Government must recognize the existence of her Political Party putting her on an Equilibrium Podium with Leaders of Conservative Party, Labour Party amongst others. She asserts that the Conservative Ruling Government are Political Gangsters which is the reason they are in violation of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 Treaty enforcing the acceptance of European Convention Of Human Rights (ECHR) 1950 cloned from the UDHR 1948.

Professor Alexia Thomas is someone of value and integrity, so she deserves an Apology from the Office of Commissioner of Police for the inappropriate behavior of the Metropolitan Officers.

“The City of London Police has taken down the Story from their Website and in apologetic term informed Prof. Alexia Thomas, it was not their Case and they equally have no Case against her. The City of London Police said they cannot guaranty other News Media will do the same. As the Task is left for her Media Team.

“Prof. Thomas now officially invites the World to buy into her Ideology and Patronize her Products the Future that Safeguard Act Of Politics to overturn Democracy for Free of Legalise Despotism, Legislative Confraternity and Despotic Laws.”


  1. Wow!!! This is really an amazing story…..My amiable and outstanding Alexia Thomas is indeed a genius. I’m still shocked to know that she’s the reason black’s in the UK have got their freedom…..I really stand to celebrate this woman with the heart of gold who would single-handedly stand out to fight for the peace, safety and freedom of others. Of a truth, she is a God in human form….I am proud of the blacks…For Black they said is Beautiful; and The Great Alexia Thomas is indeed A Giant from Africa ( Nigerians are the Giants of Africa) Tombs up ma’am.

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