How To Use Color Psychology To Make Better First Impressions

How To Use Color Psychology To Make Better First Impressions

By Style | The Trent on January 13, 2017
The Trent

Color plays a crucial role in the way we interact with the world around us. Color can subtlety influence thoughts, change impressions, and control the way you feel about something. and cause reactions.

As a result, artists, designers and people in creative fields have long taken advantage of color as a means to reinforce their message. The applications of color psychology range from graphic design to marketing to film to even dating!

Organizations around the world take color psychology into account when designing their logos and working out their branding strategies. Brands use color to highlight or take attention away from negative aspects, so why can’t you do the same?

Color presents an easy way of taking control of the message you portray. Think of the clothes you wear, and the way you carry yourself as all part of your own personal brand. You can control whether a potential employer subconsciously thinks you’re responsible, a date thinks you’re fun, or co-workers think you’re honest all with the change of a shirt.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to be a color expert to be able to take advantage of its mind-bending properties, we’ve done the hard work for you, so take notes, here’s your guide to nailing your first impression with the help of a little color. And finally, don’t assume that these reminders should be ignored when it comes to wearing personalized products like custom dress shirts, suits, rare footwear, etc.


Classically masculine, dark and navy blues exudes confidence. Wear this color when you want to portray a sense of calm authority such as at a job interview.

Lighter blues are a less imposing more approachable alternative to dark blues. Baby blues soothe the eyes and suggest peace and serenity.


The color green is commonly associated with life and vitality, while also suggesting rationality and balance, making it a good idea to wear when meeting your significant other’s parents.

Yellow and Orange

Bright, sunny and eye-catching. There’s a reason so many brands like McDonald’s, and The Scribesmith, use yellow, it stands out! Wear yellow or orange when you want you want to be seen as the life of the party!


The quintessential power color, wear black when you want to come off as suave, mysterious and powerful.


Maturity, professionalism, intelligence and traditionalism. A grey suit would be perfect for corporate presentations or for when you want to impress the boss.


Purity, innocence, and honesty. While you’re unlikely to be walking the aisle in a white dress anytime soon, don’t underestimate the importance of white in your wardrobe. A crisp white shirt testifies to both your honesty and your ability to stay clean!


Strength, power, and passion. Wear red when you need a little bit of a testosterone boost. Red is said to boost aggression so be careful with this one!


They say it takes a real man to wear pink. Take a stand and defy gender norms, and find a pink that works for your wardrobe. Pinks invoke optimism and tranquillity.


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