knit gauge swatch

What is a gauge swatch? It is a sample piece in which the quality yarn threads are knitted together using a crochet tool. Usually, bonnets, sweaters, and mittens are the best examples of this craft. It is quite challenging and logical to knit a gauge swatch manually using the yarns and hooks.

You should have a perfect pattern to form the shape of the gauge swatch and you should learn how to strategize the pattern of your swatch. To keep this short, it is really tricky to manually knit the swatches using your hands and hooks.

Fortunately, the companies developed a very ergonomic and efficient knitting tool that can perform crochet in less than an hour. Using a knitting machinery, getting the perfect contour, width, and length of your gauge swatch was made possible. In addition, you can prefer to use a heavy circular knitting machine or a flat-bed type knitting machine. Are you excited and interested to know? Here’s how.

How to Knit a Gauge Swatch?

  1. Create a Pattern and Estimate the Yarn to Use

Consider making a pattern first as your main guide in knitting a yarn. The pattern will serve as the size of your knitted fabric. As much as possible, estimate the yarn if it can meet the size of the pattern.

  1. Choose a Quality Yarn and Cast on the Yarn

There are 3 quality yarns that you may consider for your crochet namely wool, cotton, and acrylic yarn. As to inelasticity and resiliency, these yarns are the best flosses to practice your crochet and suitable to loop on the hooks of your knitting machine.

Loop the yarn at the back of the machine, thread it up on the tension mast going to the tension dial until it reaches the tension arm. Thereafter, cast on the yarn thread on the hooks of the machine in an alternative motion. In this way, the yarn will perfectly circulate on the machine without any interruptions. You can also add another color of your choice to accentuate the design and color of the yarn during the knitting process.

  1. Estimate the size of your crochet and start knitting

Measure your crochet in order to estimate the size of your craft. Thereafter, you may start binding the yarn using the main and contrasting thread. Start first with the contrasting yarn for a 2 to 4 rows then continue binding the main yarn for 10 to 20 rows.

Make sure to use both the main and contrasting yarns alternatively. In this way, you can see the effect of the design and color variation. Adjust your knitting strategy so that you can able to achieve the perfect shades and design that you desire.

4.Use a pin to hold the crochet on both sides

It’s convenient to use lightweight pins to hold the crochet on both sides. It will stretch the crochet and maintain a better angle to keep the shape intact. Using pins will prevent the crochet to shrink. It can also add stability to the crochet so that you can able to slide the knitting bar without the need to hold the crochet piece.


5.Get a hook and manually insert a thread as your guide

The knitting machine can produce an instant crochet however, you still need to stabilize your crochet piece to prevent any irregular edges. You can actually insert a white thread on both sides of the crochet piece in order to put a marking. Approximately, insert the white thread for every 2 to 3 inches gap. The white thread will serve as the ruler of your crochet. As you finish making the craft, you may use the knot dials to tie the yarn.

6. Make a Twist and Change Your Knitting Patterns

To create a voguish design, you should change the way on how you knit the yarn. You may choose a variety of needle sizes and types to set up on the machine. You may also use several yarn colors to artistically improve the fabric. You can also change the style of your knitting using different stitches per rows. By doing so, it will create some gaps and blend of colors on the fabric.


7. Apply finishing touches on the knitted fabric

You can combine the both sides of the knitted fabric and knit the sides to close the fabric. For the finishing touches, you may just manually knit the extra designs. You may also decorate your knitted fabric and put some interesting ornaments to make it more appealing such as buttons, colored yarns, sequins, and more.

Make sure to stretch the knitted fabric to achieve the perfect shape. Also, remove any fluffy threads to make it look neat. Make sure to check the overall sides of the knitted fabric and keep the crochet intact leaving no spaces in between.


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