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WATCH: 2 Married Women Strip COMPLETELY NAKED ln Public To Win iPhone (PHOTO – NUDITY)

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Two married women stunned observers when they stripped completely naked and danced in public just to win an iPhone.

The incident which happened during a large party at a club in Berezniki, Russia, was recorded by some shocked observers who subsequently uploaded the video online.

From the footage, a man offered up his iPhone to a woman who would be willing to perform in the nude on stage and the two women didn’t stop at a thing to win the iPhone.

The man decided to hold a contest and give his phone to the woman who performs better and to the shock of eye-witnesses, the two women stripped themselves totally.

They danced to the rhythm of the music in front of the large crowd and the man even went on stage and took away a napkin, which one of the women used to cover her privates.

Although it is not clear who finally won the phone, but the two women were criticized by several social media users after the video went viral.

See the photos below:

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