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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen women are in our mid-twenties we are at the top of our game. Aging is the last thing we think of. We have little trouble dropping a couple of pounds if they creep up on us. We are building careers, getting married, maybe even having children.

It may surprise you to learn that once we hit the age of 25 years old, a woman’s metabolism begins to slow down. From 25 and up a woman’s metabolism slows down between 2-4%. Which means by the age of 35 a woman’s metabolism is 20% – 40% slower than it was at 25. If a 30-year-old-woman eats the same number of calories she always has and if she does the same amount of physical activity that she always has, she will gain weight. This is a difficult concept to grasp. A slower metabolism means it takes fewer calories to maintain your weight.

exercise workout metabolism

Niagen Review

However, science has made great strides in identifying the cells that accelerate the aging process and companies that specialize in all natural nootropics are stepping up to the plate. Introducing the Niagen Review on Corpina.

Niagen is a natural supplement that has a ton of great vitamins that make you healthy. Corpina is an industry leader in all-natural supplements. But, for the purpose of this topic, we will focus on the anti-aging benefits. Niagen speeds up the body’s metabolism which allows you to maintain your trim and young body. This means you will continue to burn calories as efficiently when you are 30 as you do at 25. Don’t take our word for it. Click on the link above and see for yourself. There are women right now demonstrate the data is accurate. It works by giving your body what it needs to make it work.

Make your efforts more productive

It is not enough to improve your body’s productivity. You will need to live a youthful lifestyle. Often a young person is active because they have little choice. They are trying to balance education, relationships, career, parenting, and social requirements. As we age our lifestyles change. Our children grow and we no longer rush to get them here and there. Our career becomes established and we focus on profits and our future financial needs. We have a circle of friends who walk at the same pace. As we settle into middle-age, we do so at a slower physical pace.

To achieve peak performance you must find activities that keep your metabolic rate elevated. Many people embrace hiking to satisfy their body’s need for movement while giving them a stimulating and rewarding activity.

Hiking allows the walker to move at their own speed. Their efforts are rewarded with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking view while challenging themselves to push harder and further.

exercise workout metabolism

Keeping it simple

Common sense is your guide. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, take all natural supplements. Embrace a form of exercise. To embrace hiking you need a few quality items. Wear quality boots made for women. You can read more here.


Any lifestyle change begins slowly and then gains momentum. You will soon see the extra pounds melt away. At the same time, you will feel more energetic. You will sleep better and rise sharper. You will not tire as easily. Slowly, you will see a more youthful glow in your complexion.

Turning back the hands of time is not an overnight event. It will take a little time, but well before you see the change, you will feel it and that will motivate you to continue. The sooner a woman begins the easier it will be.


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