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What Marriage Looks Like After 9 Years And 3 Children (VIDEO)

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Andy and I forgot our wedding anniversary.

Then we suddenly remembered the night before, except we both incorrectly assumed it was our 10-year anniversary, which left us both scrambling.

Crap, what is the traditional gift for 10 years?

Wikipedia says tin.

Can it be Target Gift Cards and leftover Udon soup, because I have both those things?

The fact is, our wedding anniversary has become increasingly irrelevant to us, replaced instead by millions of other extraordinarily normal moments that mean mountains more and cost thousands less.

Pregnancies and promotions, first homes and shut-off utilities, sex everyday and having one hand on the door with a bag packed; that is what our life is built on. Not eight hours in a pretty dress.

Our marriage has nothing to do with December 18th, 2004, anymore.

Wait, false alarm, it’s only 9 years.

Huh. Well, we’re horrible at math.

Thank God for a second grader and the tip calculator app.

Just thousands of days of life lived.

So in honor of that, I grabbed my iPhone and chronicled our anniversary for what it really is… one day of nine years.

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