Why An Online Camp Is A Great Summer Activity For Kids

Why An Online Camp Is A Great Summer Activity For Kids

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One of the many things that kids look up to when school is over is summer camps. But, unfortunately, when the pandemic hit the globe, this became nearly impossible. Because it’s not safe to go out, mingle, and play to their hearts’ content, it seemed like summer was postponed indefinitely. But, of course, this isn’t welcome news to kids who have been looking forward to a fun time in the summer camp.

Thankfully, online summer camps opened. This is the traditional camps’ response to the pandemic that tried to rob kids of their once-in-a-year summer fun activities. Yes, they had to modify the way they hold their activities, but they tried so hard to keep the elements of camaraderie and fun intact.

What are online summer camps?

Kids’ online camp became immensely popular within the past 18 months when Covid-19 changed everything; the way went on our everyday activities included. Most summer camps followed suit when traditional offices moved their operations from the worksite to the employees’ homes. In so doing, operators of these summer camps realized that their kids could avoid commuting and the noise that came along with it. They also discovered that their decision raised many benefits.

With online camps, kids can take advantage of the usual camp experience from the comfort of their homes. They can stay busy and engaged but also safe. While their parents are also busy doing work at home, they, too, can mingle with other kids and keep themselves busy with camp work.

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Interactive activities

Different online camps may have various activities, but one thing’s for sure – these activities offer the same topic variations as the pre-covid, traditional camps. The difference is that these activities are done via Zoom meetings wherein the teachers spend 100% of their camp time with their little campers. In addition, wifi and modern technology made the whole experience interactive and dynamic – just like how it would be in offline camps.

With technology, these kids can still ask their teachers questions. The latter can also respond to these queries in a timely fashion. Reputable online camps are also able to provide their campers with new materials for every season. These materials also different subjects like creative writing, dance, singing, art, and science. Often, they also include kids’ activity camps. If you’re not sure how to choose a kid’s holiday camp, consider the following information.

What’s with online camps that children love so much?

Parents, not only kids, love these online camps simply because of the sense of security, thinking that their kids are enjoying while being kept safe in their homes. They don’t need to supervise and look after them while the camp session is ongoing. On the other hand, kids couldn’t resist online camps for a variety of reasons.

These camps are fun, mini social environments

These camps are great for socialization with their teachers and other kids in the camp. They can share their knowledge, talents and make friends.

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ELLICOTT CITY, MD- JUNE 12: (L) YMCA counselor Jussara Kramer gives a no-contact high-five with a paper hand to Noelle Logan (age 6) during an art class. Since the Covid-19 recommendations discourage certain kinds of high risk contact, the staff can give a hand clap or high five with a cut-out hand that was drawn from the shape of the child’s own hand. We visited daycares/camps as a way to get into the Covid-19 transmission question. Lots of schools have opened in other countries with no serious consequences so far. | Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post

Camps provide enriching experiences

Despite being online, these camps are still avenues that can help kids gain enriching experiences. The materials and topics taught here are all tailored to be stimulating, engaging, fun, and age-appropriate.

Online camps are hands-on and interactive

These online camps are 100% moderated by teachers to ensure that every camper will be given a chance to engage with other students and their teachers. Part of these chances is to share inputs, perform experiments, conduct hands-on activities, and see that their peers are also doing the same thing.

More convenient

Because campers only need to telecommute to get to the camp, it’s safer and more convenient. Their parents don’t need to drive them to the campsite and ensure that they’re safe because they can do all the activities in the comfort of their homes. Even in their PJs, they can attend these camping activities.

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Fun environment

Kids indeed enjoy the independence and fun offered by online camps. They can enjoy the activities even without supervision. These camps are specifically designed to be fun and exciting.

5 Singapore-based Online camps To Consider

If you want to send your kids to a summer camp, but you’re hesitant about their safety, go for online summer camps instead. Here are the top 5 Singapore-based online summer camps you can choose from.

  • Abrakadoodle: This online camp is ideal for kids who are into art. So, if you have budding artists at home, send them to this online camp to unleash their artistic spirit. They will surely enjoy it here with all the themed workshops and fun camp activities going on. The kids only need to prepare their painting and drawing materials before the camp starts, and they’re good to go.
  • MADDspace: If your little champ and princess at home loves to perform, dance, or sing, send them to this online camp. MADDspace is offering online classes on acting, dancing, and singing. If they want to be a K-pop star, their journey might start here.
  • Trehaus: If you’re looking for a camp that has a varied offering, Trehaus is the name you can trust. They offer various programs that include food, multi-sports, and mindfulness. But, of course, your little ones will also love the delectable treats and exciting materials that come with the camp fun box given to them.
  • Lorna Whiston: If you have a wannabe writer like JK Rowling at home, this is where you should send your kids. Here, campers are taught how to write better and improve their English.
  • Newtonshow: This is one of the most famous camping programs for its ever-popular professors. Here, your kids can learn more about nanotechnology, great inventors, ancient Egypt, dinosaurs, and space. Plus, even before the camp lessons start, all the necessary camping materials are sent to your doorstep. This will ensure that kids are well-equipped for the workshops and small group activities.

If you’re still wondering whether or not to send your kids to summer camps, the answer is in the affirmative. Consider the offerings of the camps we mentioned and choose one that fits your child’s personality and interests


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