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‘Women in Love Can’t Cheat’ – Frank Edoho Sparks Debate with Views on Infidelity and Love

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LAGOS, Nigeria – Renowned TV host, broadcaster, and filmmaker, Frank Edoho, recently ignited a robust debate on the dynamics of love and infidelity during his appearance on the Bahd and Boujee podcast with Moet Abebe.

Edoho, known for hosting “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire,” shared his perspective on the contrasting ways men and women approach infidelity in relationships.

Edoho opined that for women, the act of cheating on their partners signifies a deeper emotional disconnection.

He argued that it is impossible for a woman to truly love her man and still engage in infidelity.

According to him, if a woman cheats, it often indicates an emotional attachment to the person she is cheating with, suggesting that her interest in her current partner has waned or entirely ceased.

This perspective led Edoho to assert that when women engage in infidelity, it is a clear sign they are no longer invested in their current relationship and might have emotionally moved on.

This viewpoint offers a stark contrast to traditional narratives surrounding cheating and commitment in relationships.

On the flip side, Edoho highlighted a different set of behaviours in men. He suggested that men are capable of being deeply in love with their partners while still engaging in extramarital affairs.

According to Edoho, for men, cheating does not necessarily correlate with a lack of love for their significant other. He stated that men could cheat with someone they do not love, marking a fundamental difference in how men and women perceive and engage in infidelity.

Edoho’s comments have sparked an extensive debate, raising questions about gender stereotypes, emotional attachment, and the complexities of human relationships.

His observations challenge commonly held beliefs about love and fidelity, prompting discussions on the nature of commitment and the reasons behind infidelity in both men and women.

In response to the controversy, Edoho doubled down on the issue on X, saying, “I have seen remonstrations regarding what I said during the Bahd & Boujee Podcast and I would like to implore that the aggrieved should watch the entire episode to put it in perspective. And If you still feel offended… I said what I said!!! Ode!”

Case closed, we guess.

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