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10 Cool Guitar Tricks That Will Surely Impress Your Friends

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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you cherish the dream to become the next talented guitarist of your folk? Do you desire to turn your guitar into the most wondrous music instrument in the world to impress your friends? It’s mesmerizing, but a bit tricky, right? To help you chase your dreams of becoming the perfectionist, bigsearcher.com is offering you a Guitar Tricks coupon. Thus you have to pay less to get the subscription of this pro app to get tangible results in learning guitar.

You may have gathered knowledge of each cord in your book and become a master shredder. But unless you make this instrument express you, you can’t master your cherished guitar and take your skill to the level you desire.

Playing guitar is not only about what you are playing, but also a matter of the way of playing. With proper grab on the instrument, you need to utilize some tricks so that you can play it like a pro! After all, music is all about playing the instrument articulately and expressing your thoughts and emotions.

Everyone can be good at something if they put their heart into it and playing guitar tricks also requires dedication and skills. Once you master any or all of these tricks, it can be easier for you to practice and invent cool guitar sounds using guitar effects pedal. One guitar effects pedal that every guitarist loves is the Wah Pedal, you can find the best ones featured on MusicCritic.

The best thing is, you can now master your guitar seeking help from some fabulous applications like Guitar Tricks. 

Awesome Guitar Tricks to Impress Your Friends 

Playing guitar is satisfying itself, and when you can play like a pro, you can stand out among the pack, right? We are offering you 10-cool guitar tricks that will help you cast a spell on your mates! 


It is common among the bass performers, but when you have an electric guitar, this simplistic skill will let you compose any rhythm you desire! In fact, it is a great trick to punctuate the ending of the phrase when you are a novice. You have 3-techniques to utilize for slapping. 

  • Applying your right-hand thumb and slap up the pickups
  • Slapping utilizing the left-hand fingers on the strings atop your fretboard
  • Apply the right-hand fingers to pluck notes. 

Use these elements, create a sound using slapping, and you will be amazed by the variety of rhythms you can generate combining them in various orders. 


To bring more dynamics in the way you play, apply tapping. Before you can tap successfully, you have to be efficient in pull-offs and hammer-ons. If you are a beginner, you better start with one string. You can hit a particular string using the right-hand finger. Then exchange it with the notes performed by the left-hand ones. For the tapping method to adopt, you can tap the first note with the right-hand fingers, and pull it off onto another note with your left hand. 

Octave Skipping

Do you want your instrument to sound bubbly and smooth? You can utilize this ‘easy to memorize’ trick to generate even tune throughout. For it, pick a note, play it at a higher octave, and produce the maximum impression by playing the same note successively at a fast pace.

Natural Harmonic

To let your guitar sound like a lyre, or add diversity to a rhythm, you can utilize the open-chord harmonics. Let your fingers touch the specific part on the string lightly without driving it down and perform natural harmonics on the 12th, 7th, and 5th frets.  

Bridge Picking

If you play acoustic guitar, you better try this trick to bring a distinctive tune to the outro of music. The bridge is particularly the base of your instrument linking the cords to the body. Focus on picking the rake near to the bridge, and astound your friends with the reverberant sound. 

Percussive Performance

A great guitarist never limits the potentialities only in manipulating the strings. Hit the area beneath the bridge like a bass drum with the picking hand while playing on a string, and you will be amazed at the satisfaction it offers. You can use the shoulder of the instrument to produce a snare sound.  

String Bending

This trick was adopted by the most renowned guitar players like Jimi Hendrix for adding character to the way of playing. Fretting a note is pushing the note down on the fretboard while bending means stretching or pushing the ‘original’ note using the fretting-hand fingers to expand it over the fretboard leading it to the below or upper string. Thus the pitch of the note increases, and you get the ‘destination’ note. 

You have to use your wrist to start bending. As bending necessitates a lot of finger strength, you have to incorporate more fingers as you can. 


This trick lets your cherished instrument sing, putting a handful of emotions. To get the effect, you have to move your hand back and forth smoothly. Thus the pitch gets wavy. You can also utilize your fingers or wrist so that the string wiggles in periodic hand actions. You don’t need to incorporate many fingers, but the fretting one, to get the subtle effect. 

Horse Effect

You will be mesmerized by adopting the horse effect. Fret the open-chord harmonics at the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 12th frets, and you have got it! If you want a whinnying sound of high-pitch, use the tremolo bar and push down on it.


Feedback is a magical impact that occurs where the volume of your amplifier is cranked up full enough that the tone coming out of the speakers resonates through the instruments and reverberates the strings when you play a certain chord. Thus you can create a never-ending cyclic sound unless you mute the strings or turn down the volume of the amp or guitar. Perfect amp setting is a must to achieve the sound you desire. Turning up the ‘mids’ on the amp lets you produce this effect effortlessly.

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