10 Fastest Ways To Heal After A Terrible Heartbreak

10 Fastest Ways To Heal After A Terrible Heartbreak

By Beauty And Tips on October 27, 2015
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Love is a wonderful thing, but with it comes the risk of heartbreak and that is a painful experience that most of us will have to go through, at least once in our lives. When someone who you love leaves you, or hurts you, the emotional pain can seem to be unbearable and you might even feel like you will never love again. Time does heal that pain, though, and you shouldn’t let one bad experience hold you back from committing to another relationship, when you are ready for it. If you are experiencing the pain of heartbreak, then read these ten things that you should do to help heal your heart faster.

1. Don’t hide from the pain

Don’t be afraid to grieve, because that is how you will get over the pain. If you try to pretend that it doesn’t matter, and you try to ignore the feelings that are inside you, you may never fully get over the experience. If you feel like crying, then have a good cry, it’s far better to let those emotions out than it would be to try and bottle them up.

2. Change your routine

Another simple tip on how to get over a breakup is to change your routine. You will need to break all the ties to your ex, so that you don’t keep getting constant reminders of him. Remove the reminders of him from your home and, perhaps, rearrange your furniture, so that things look different from when you were with him. Change your routine, so that you don’t go back to the same places that you used to go with him, and treat the situation as a new beginning.

3. Work-out your grief

You can get rid of some of the anger and frustration by working out. Go running, swimming, or head to the gym. The exercise will make you feel better and take your mind off things. The worst thing you can do is to sit at home feeling sorry about yourself, so take control by concentrating your energy on staying fit and it will help to refocus your mind.

4. Get a change of scenery

Next good tip on how to get over a breakup is to get a change of scenery. If you can, take yourself away to another town or, even better, another country, for a holiday. Even if you can only manage a weekend break, getting away from your usual surroundings will help to put things in a different light and it will give you time to get your thoughts together. Travelling alone will also serve to remind you that you are perfectly capable of surviving on your own.

5. Start thinking about you

You have to make compromises in a relationship and you can’t be self-centered, but now you should be starting to put yourself first. Start by thinking about the things that will make you happy and that will help you develop as a person. You might want to think about using this opportunity to make changes in your life that will bring you closer to achieving some of your dreams.

6. Get a makeover

Getting a makeover is another fabulous tip on how to get over a breakup. Out with the old and in with the new should be your motto now, so start by treating yourself to makeover. Get your hair done, invest in some new outfits, and generally spoil yourself. When you are trying to get over a breakup, doing things that are just for you can be very therapeutic and your new look will make you feel like a new woman.

7. Remind yourself of your own strengths

Next great tip on how to get over a breakup is to remind yourself of your uniqueness, beauty and all your talents. Try not to dwell on what you might think that you could have done differently, and spend some time reminding yourself of all the strengths that you have. You’ve been through rough patches before, and you will get through this one as well. Write out a list of all the things about yourself that you can be proud of and use that to give you the strength to move on.

8. Get out and mingle

You may well not feel like dating again yet, and you really shouldn’t do that until you are sure that you are ready to, but that doesn’t stop you going out with friends. Follow up the invites that you have for parties and nights out and get out and socialise with other people. Any kind of relationship will be good for your soul and you don’t have to let anything get serious, if you don’t want it to.

9. Look to the future

You can’t simply wipe your ex from your memory, especially if the pain is still fresh in your mind, but you can start to think more about the future than the past. Try to stop thinking that you can’t be happy without your ex around, because that is not true. Instead, start to make plans for your own future and understand that you don’t need anyone else to make you happy.

10. Remember that you will love again

Our final tip on how to get over a breakup is to remind yourself that you will love again. Breakups are a painful experience for anyone, and they can make you feel like you will never love again, but you will. Take comfort from the fact that it’s something that we all have to go through at some stage in life and it’s something that we all manage to get through. It may well take a bit of time before you are ready to open yourself up to love again, but you will, eventually.

How to get over a breakup? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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