10 Myths About The EBOLA Virus Everyone Needs To Know Are FALSE

10 Myths About The EBOLA Virus Everyone Needs To Know Are FALSE

By Wires | The Trent on October 4, 2014
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by Chelsea DeBaise

1. The only way to kill the virus is by using incredibly expensive hand sanitizers.

Doctors have said time and time again that hand washing, with soap and water, is the way to kill the virus before it enters your system

2. You cannot contract the virus from a deceased person.

After a person dies, the virus still may be active in/on their body. Therefore when dealing with the body ceremonially, to prepare for a funeral, handlers ought to exercise great caution.

3. The Ebola virus is Airborne.

The virus is spread through bodily fluids—it is NOT airborne

4. You won’t get Ebola if you’re healthy with a healthy immune system.

The potency of the Ebola virus is such that it can attack ANY immune system, no matter how strong/healthy.

5. The Ebola virus is not sexually transmitted

The Ebola virus is passed through the exchange of bodily fluids, and this includes semen. It also includes saliva, so even safe sex is not safe in terms of Ebola.

6. A person who has recovered from the Ebola virus is still infected, and can spread the disease.

Only people exhibiting Ebola symptoms currently can pass on the virus.

7. Health care workers brought the disease into the countries that have been affected.

There is a lot of blame being placed on health workers for spreading the disease, but research has suggested these claims are unwarranted. It seems most likely that the hands-on dealing with animals is what has led to the spread of the disease.

8. There is a cure to the Ebola virus.

Sadly this, too, is a myth. While there has been a ton of research dedicated to finding medicinal solutions to Ebola, and some isolated incidents of success, no cure has yet been found.

9. Fasting can help cure Ebola

Absolutely do not fast to try to combat the virus. All this will do is weaken your body when it is trying to combat the virus.

10. The average death rate for every outbreak is 90%.

While there was one region where the average death rate was 90%, there have also been cases of it being as low as 25%. The mean average of each outbreak is much lower than 90%.
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