10 Reasons Why An Argument Can Improve Your Relationship

10 Reasons Why An Argument Can Improve Your Relationship

By Beauty And Tips on January 12, 2015
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Arguing in a relationship is not only inevitable, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that it’s actually healthy. When you put two people together, who were brought up differently and have had different life experiences, there are bound to be some disagreements, so here are ten good reasons why you should not fear arguments and here is how arguments can actually improve a relationship:

1. Arguing is only another form of communication

Constant, nasty fighting and bickering is not healthy, but the occasional, heated, disagreement is nothing to be afraid of. It’s far better to talk about something, than it is to ignore it, even if that does lead to an argument.

2. It affirms your individuality

An argument confirms that you are both individuals and you are both not afraid to express your opinions. It’s a good thing to have two points of view in a relationship and discussing those posing views will help both people grow and learn.

3. It teaches you how to compromise

When you fight fairly and the fight is over something meaningful, it can strengthen your relationship by teaching you both how to better find compromises. A compromise is just another form of working together as a team and that is what makes relationships last.

4. It proves that you are being honest with each other

If you are arguing, then you are being honest and neither one of you is simply backing down for the sake of a peaceful life. It is never healthy for one partner to completely dominate the other and an honest argument serves as a reminder that neither side will be taken for granted.

5. It allows you to work out where you do differ

A fight allows you to clearly define areas on which you do disagree and this is a good way to avoid disputes happening in the future. It is far better for a person to come out and say what they dislike, than it would be for them to suffer in silence.

6. It can help you to deal with conflict outside the relationship

You can also learn some important lessons in conflict management from your arguments with your partner. You can then put these lessons to use when you find yourself in disputes with colleagues, friends or family.

7. It allows you to express your true feelings

While arguing is not something that anyone wants, sometimes, it is the only way to show your partner exactly how strongly you feel about something. It can be a way to make sure that your point of view is listened to, and taken notice of.

8. It can be a way to clear the air

It is best to get some things out in the open, and discuss them properly; even when you know that doing so will lead to a fight. But when you do, at least, the issue won’t carry on for ages and you can clear the air.

9. It can make you see both sides of the coin

In a constructive argument, with no name calling or threats, you can both learn better what the other person thinks. It’s a way to get a better understanding of your partner’s opinion and to see a problem from both sides.

10. It is great, when you make up

A fight can also make you both realise what you have and how valuable that is. The kiss and the cuddle, after a fight, is not just about calming things down, it’s also a way of saying ‘sorry’, and ‘I don’t want to argue with you like that again’.

Do you think arguments can improve a relationship?

Stay happy!

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