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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Boyfriend Before You Marry Him

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At Beauty And Tips, we’re strong believers in the old adage, “If you can travel with someone, you should marry them.” Now, that doesn’t mean you should marry with everyone you travel well with, but a fantastic way to find out if your boyfriend really is the one for you is to go traveling with him.

Throwing yourselves together in unexpected situations, where amenities are sparse, is an excellent way to test both of your souls. You’ll discover more about one another, and you’ll find out whether you really can work through testing times together – or whether you truly just want the local cannibals to eat him alive!

So let’s take a look at 10 reasons why you should travel with your man before you marry him.

1. If You Love To Travel, You Need To Find Out If He Makes A Good Travel Buddy

If traveling is one of your favourite things to do, it would be a bit awkward if you married the guy only to realise that he is actually The World’s Worst Travel Buddy. If you only find out later that he has panic attacks on planes, is a stickler for hygiene, and thinks culture is a load of tomfoolery, it’s always best to find these things out first. So get on a plane and discover just how well you two get on with one another away from your home comforts.

2. You’ll Find Out How Good He Is At Compromising

When you go traveling, you unfortunately cannot do everything. There will have to be something that is sacrificed so that you can do something else.

When you’re traveling with your partner, it may often come down to a straight choice between something he wants to do and something you want to do. If he is willing to compromise with you, he sounds like a great guy and we want to meet him. If, however, he says you go your way and he’ll go his, you need to kick him right into touch! (Just saying).

3. You Will Find Out More About His Values

Sure, you know that he grimaces whenever someone gets badly chopped down on the football field, and you know he’d always help a brother out when it comes to buying a round of beers; but what is he like in other situations, when total strangers are ill or injured?

Traveling can bring you in touch with the plight of others worse off than yourselves, so it’s a great way to measure your boyfriend’s empathy and caring nature.

4. You Will See What He’s Like Out Of His Comfort Zone

Okay, so you’ve seen what he’s like in his comfort zone, and he’s pretty relaxed and at home. He likes to have beers with his buddies, shoot some pool, and snuggle with you in front of the television.

But you won’t really know the guy unless you take him out of his comfort zone and dump him in unfamiliar settings. Without his buddies, his beer, his job and his sports he’s either going to be like a fish out of water who throws hissy fits, because he can’t find a McDonald’s, or he’s going to totally embrace the situation.

5. You May Find Out How He Looks After You When You’re Sick

It’s all well and good being sick at home, but what happens when you’re sick whilst on vacation? Is he prepared to sacrifice his time in the sun to stay in the hotel and treat you? Or is he going to simply nip to the chemist on the way home from the beach?

Being sick whilst traveling can be a testing time for a couple, particularly, if it means there are lots of things you both don’t get to do. If he’d rather ride a camel than tend to you, you know you haven’t got a keeper.

6. You’ll Find Out About His Habits

You know a few of his habits. He’s always annoyingly on time for a date, and he likes to show off whenever he’s driving. But when you’re cooped up with him, either in a hotel, a hostel or a tent, you’ll find out everything about him. What you find out might not be pretty, but it will tell you whether he’s a keeper or a “GET RID NOW”.

7. You’ll Find Out How He Reacts Under Pressure

When you’re traveling, you often encounter unexpected situations. A plane might get delayed, a ski lift might be closed, or you might be told that there is currently a strike on public transport. You might be able to react with grace under pressure, but what about your man? Is he going to rant and rave, and tell those in charge that they “cannot be serious”? Or is he going to take it easy, relax and say that it’s just one of those things? How he reacts can make or break your mood.

8. You’ll Find Out Whether He Is Adventurous Or A Beach Bum

If you’re the type of person who goes traveling to have an adventure and find the ruins, you’ll naturally prefer it if your beau was of the same mindset.

But what happens if it turns out that all he wants to do is sip Tia Maria’s by the beach all day long? Oh no! It turns out that Mr. Right is actually Mr. Boring. Yup, it’s time to break it off and tell him this just isn’t working out!

9. You’ll Find Out More About Him

Traveling together means you literally spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months together. This means you’ll be doing everything together, and it means you’ll be able to find out much more about him.

You may discover a few surprises. For instance, perhaps he likes books, or perhaps he enjoys a good sing-song on the karaoke. On the flip side, you may find out things you dislike about him. For instance, perhaps your feelings as an animal lover are offended when he decides to climb onto a donkey and order it to carry him to the hotel. Oh dear.

10. You’ll Discover More About His Spending Habits

If you’re a thrifty shopper or if you’re high maintenance, you’ll ideally need your partner to be the same. Traveling means you get to witness at first hand whether he works well within his budget or whether he goes insane with his credit card.

Stay happy!

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