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10 Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors We Hope Come True

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is clearly the most anticipated smartphone of the 2014, and thanks to the latest wave of rumors setting the Internet ablaze, the handset continues to draw a massive interest from mobilephiles across the globe. While the South Korean electronics giant has yet to divulge any info, it’s become pretty evident that an announcement is set for March during Sammy’s London event, with a launch following in April. The last two Galaxy S releases prove our theory. As the mobile landscape continues to evolve, everyone remains focused on the GS5 and what new advancements it will bring to the fold. From high-powered specs to UI redesigns, and even multiple models, these are the 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors We Hope Come True.

1. Quad HD Display

 Seems like every Galaxy device is destined to recieve a visual facelift. Recent whispers imply the GS5 could boast a 2560 x 1440 display with a marveling pixel density of 560 ppi. That’s over 200 more pixels than the iPhone 5S and 100 more than the Nexus 5. So one can only imagine the clarity and picture quality on this panel. The pixel-per-density rate pretty much puts in the 5.25-inch screen range, but you didn’t hear that from.

2. Fingerprint or Iris Scanner

Samsung killed all gossip of an iris scanner. That’s not to say it won’t go the way of the iPhone 5S and bring forth a fingerprint scanner. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a great track record predicting smartphone features, believes the company will offer the biometric attraction in an attempt to play catchup with Apple. Whether it’ll be any good remains unknown, but hopefully it’s more accurate than the HTC One Max scanner. #Fail


3. Octa-Core Processor

 Most of us felt screwed when the Galaxy S4 launched in the US minus the 1.6GHz Exynos 5 octa-core CPU. In fact, most of the tech bloggers and critics gave Samsung hell for it. Therefore it’s no surprise that the company is taking it into consideration for the GS5. Experts believe the next-gen mobile will boast the latest octa-core Exynos 5430 chip. However, it won’t be a 64-bit processor as most reports suggested, but a 32-bit version. Works for us.


4. Multi-Party Video Conference

 A bevy of software features are expected to launch with the GS5, and while none have been confirmed, hearsay has it that Samsung will introduce conference video calling. OK, so you can practically achieve this through Google Hangouts or any other third-party app. But what about an alternative that offers up motion-gesture controls or multitasking support via Multi-Window support? That would be an interesting development.


5. Bigger Battery and Faster Charging

 As expected, the next Galaxy should tackle a bigger battery, though it’s uncertain what the size will be. Some think we’ll see a 2,900mAh and others believe a 4,000mAh cell might be a possibility, though the latter seems more believable for the Galaxy Note 4. The most interesting tidbit revolves around the handset featuring new technology that fully recharges the device from 0 – 100% in just two hours.


6. All Metal Design

 Only the most hardcore Samsung fanboy will defend the Galaxy’s cheap plastic design. It’s wack. There, we said it. So we can only get psyched upon hearing the latest rumors surrounding the GS5 having an all-metal design. Digitimes claims the handset might have a “chassis featuring compound materials such as fibreglass/plastic or carbon fiber/plastic for its smartphones instead of a single materials [sic] to help save costs.” Unlike the Hunger Games, the odds aren’t in our favor, but we can dream.


7. New Homescreen

 Infamous Android leaker @evleaks unveiled these shots of what looks to be the new TouchWiz homescreen. And it’s actually quite attractive. Seeing how Samsung’s UI is in dire need of a visual upgrade, we welcome the column cards setup, which displays a variety of info: including appointments, online orders, social media contacts, sports updates, and more.


8. 16MP Camera

 Talks of the GS5 boasting a higher-resolution camera stem back to the summer and recent reports share the same output. The rear shooter could be powered by ISOCELL technology, producing clearer low-light imagery and accurate color reproduction—two major areas where the GS4 failed.


9. Multi-Hovering Capabilities

 Call’em gimmicky or plain useless, but the Galaxy faithful is huge on Air Gesture, Air View, and all the other motion-gesture controls introduced by Samsung. New and upgraded touchless features seem like a given, only this time the GS5 will be able to recognize and track multiple fingers simultaneously at distances of 15 and 30mm thanks to enhanced Synaptics technology. We’re all for giving Samsung’s less-than-promising features another try, especially if the kinks are worked out.


10. Two Versions With Different Specs

 Sound familiar? Of course it does. The idea of offering two Galaxy S5 models is definitely enticing, especially for mobilephiles seeking a more cost-efficient smartphone. It’s being said Samsung will produce two variants, though both devices will bear a plastic exterior. One could be known as the “Prime” version with the other going under the “Standard” moniker. Each are bound to stock different components as well. It’s always good to have extra options.

 (via Complex)

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