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10 Things Couples That Stay Together Don’t Do

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Happy relationships don’t just happen all by themselves, couples have to take the decision to work on their relationship and put in the effort that it needs to keep the partnership strong. That means doing the things that you know will bring you closer together, like supporting each other, respecting each other and being honest with each other. Just as importantly, though, couples that stay together also avoid doing the things that can damage a relationship. It’s not only the big things, like cheating, that can kill a relationship; it’s also the little things that can slowly eat away at it that you need to be aware of. Here are ten of those things that couples who stay together avoid doing.

1. They don’t expect mindreading

It might sound romantic to be able to say that your partner always knows what you want and can read your mind, but let’s be a little bit realistic here! Two people who have been together for a long time may well be able to pick up on some little things, but you still have to talk properly to each other. Couples who last don’t leave communication to chance; they talk openly and freely to each other.

2. They are flexible about doing the chores

Happy couples don’t stick rigidly to gender specific roles; they just get the jobs done. Most people do have chores that one or the other usually does, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t do the cooking and cleaning, and she can’t take out the trash. Couples who stay together want to get the chores done and out of the way, so that they can get on and do something that’s more fun.

3. They don’t pretend that life will always be perfect

Couples who stay together are realists, and they understand that there will be bad times, as well as the good. When there are fights, or times get tough, going their separate ways is never an option. They don’t throw in the towel the moment that they hit a bad patch, because they know that the moment will pass.

4. They don’t make their problems public

Happy couples don’t tell everyone else when something about the relationship is troubling them; they talk to each other about it. They don’t talk negatively about each other and they don’t give away any secrets. If you start to criticise your partner when you are with other people, it’s quite likely that you will get unhelpful or even damaging advice.

5. They don’t take themselves too seriously

They also know that there is no point in taking either life, or themselves, too seriously. They know that their relationship is strong, so they can afford to laugh it off when things get a bit tough. They are also quite happy to laugh at themselves and at each other sometimes too, and they would never make a drama out of a small crisis.

6. They don’t try to change each other

People, who are in a long term relationship, accept each other for who they really are. They don’t nag at each other and find fault, because they would rather look for the best in each other. If you do try to make someone change, they may pretend to change to please you, but underneath they will still be the same person. Putting on act in that way will ultimately damage the relationship.

7. They don’t stop surprising each other

Couples who last also know how important those little gestures are and they never stop surprising each other with little gifts and signs of attention. Bringing home something, like your partner’s favourite chocolates, is a lovely way to show that you are still thinking of them, even when you are not together. It doesn’t have to be gifts either; it could be cooking their favourite meal, doing the chores, or even running their bath for them.

8. They don’t compare themselves to other couples

Happy couples are happy as they are and they see no need to make comparisons with other couples. They understand that no two relationships are alike and that, to compare themselves with other people, would be unfair and unhelpful. They aren’t looking for something different; they are perfectly content with what they have.

9. They don’t ignore the tricky subjects

For a relationship to last, you must also be willing to talk about the tricky subjects, like money. Happy couples don’t avoid talking about things like this; they are completely honest with each other. Keeping secrets, or avoiding difficult topics, won’t solve anything; it will only make matters worse.

10. They don’t stop making their relationship a priority

People that stay together value their relationship and they never take it for granted. Happy couples understand that you need to work on a relationship to keep it fresh and alive, but you also need to avoid doing things that will damage it.

How to maintain a healthy relationship? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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