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3 Signs Your Relationship Is Meant To Be

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Even if you’re in a serious relationship with someone and crazily in love with them it isn’t easy to know if he/she is ‘The One’ for you.

Even though there are no foolproof tests, here are a couple of signs to tell you if you’re with your soul mate:

1. You imagine a future together- Do you picture a future with your partner complete with a house, children and pets? If your mind wanders in that direction often and if you like the picture you’re painting in your head, there might be more to it than you think.

2. There’s minimal drama- You have the regular arguments and small disagreements, but you always resolve your issues in a mature manner without any insults or hurtful remarks. if you’re dealing with constant drama, where your emotions are always on a high and there’s constant turmoil, then be careful about a long term commitment.

3. You share mutual respect for each other- Even if you don’t share the same life priorities, you cannot imagine the thought of changing your partner in the least. You not only accept but also love their tiny little quirks and habits which might otherwise be bothersome.


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