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10 Tips On How To Bring Good Luck In Your Life

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You’ve probably heard all the quotes about luck:

“You make your own luck in this world.”

“I just can’t get a lucky break.”

“All we need is a little bit of good luck and we’ll be okay.”

But what is good luck and how do we go about getting some more of it? Is it evenpossible to procure good luck?

Well, actually, it is. Luck is a mysterious thing, which works in mysterious ways. It’s hard to adequately explain what it is exactly, but what it does do is gives us that extra bit of something that brings us success and happiness. So let’s take a look at a few things you can do to bring some more good luck into your life.

Don’t Be Scared

If you’d like to strike it lucky a bit more often, it’s time to start having a bit more corsage and bravery and just doing things.

When we sit indoors instead of venturing outside and exploring, the luck will never come. As the famous quote goes: “Fortune always favours the brave”. So it’s time to start packing your bags, toughening up, and become more adventurous.

Save Up

To rely on yet another quote, it never rains but it pours.

This means that when bad things happen, lots of bad things happen.

With the exception of our health failing, one of the worst things that can happen to us is financial troubles. Bad luck comes in threes, and when you’ve got money troubles, it seems that you have lots of money troubles. Bills need paying, loans need repaying, and you can’t seem to find the money.

If you save up, you’ll feel so lucky when you’ve got money in the back to see you through some stormy times.

Clean Up

There is nothing like a clean, organised home to make us feel better. When our house is ordered, we are able to find things more easily. Those missing DVDs will turn up. Those receipts that you needed to find will suddenly appear.

Cleaning and organising your home is really all about organising your life. A cluttered workstation leads to a cluttered mind. This means stress and a lack of productivity. Get your house in order and happiness will follow.

Be Positive

Positive thinking really can change your life.

Think about it: if you’re negative, you’ll be less inclined to actually do something.

Let’s say the weather forecast says that it’s going to be thunderstorms tomorrow, on the day you had planned to go to an outdoor village fare. Because of what the weather forecast has said, you decide to stay in.

Then, when the day comes, the sunshine appears instead! You curse your luck because you trusted the weather forecast, and decided to stay in. Drat!

It’s time to take a gamble and just go for it. Be positive. And even if it does rain, your positive attitude will make sure the day is great anyway.

Refer To Yourself As A Winner

If you say to yourself each day that you’re a winner, you’ll become a winner.

It might sound silly, but saying each day: “I am a winner. I can do this. I am smart, and I am happy” can really have a huge effect on your life – and your luck.

Be More Open

Often, whenever we go somewhere we expect or hope for a specific outcome.

We go to a party perhaps in the hope of finding a new mate.

We go to a networking even in the hope of landing a new job.

We go to the shops in the hope of finding a few bargains.

This is a very single-minded approach that leaves now room to wiggle. Rather than being open to potentialities that could take our life in a new and exciting direction, we walk around with our head lowered, ignoring these potentialities because we’ve only got one goal in mind.

It’s time to be more open and embrace good “surprises”. It’s time to be more spontaneous and to walk around freely. You might just get lucky.

Believe In Magic Of Life

Okay, supernatural magic might not exist (though it might!), but what we’re asking you to do here is to allow yourself to dream a little.

Luck won’t come to you if you don’t believe in luck.

You need to believe that wonderful, magical things can happen to you. You have to have faith that unbelievable things can happen – and they can happen to you. Loosen up and embrace a bit of magic.

Retain Focus On A Few Things

You might well be a social butterfly who has many interests. But it’s time to start limiting your focus to the things which you feel are more guaranteed to bring you success and good luck.

By spreading yourself too thin, you’re inviting bad luck into your life. You’re essentially focusing too much of your time on the things that can bring you down, stress you out, and leave you drained.

Improve Your Odds

Feeling unlucky because you didn’t get that one job you applied for?

Feeling as though you’re cursed because that one person you thought could be your soul mate turned you down?

Feeling as though you must have walked in front of several bad cats because your book has just been turned down by a publisher?

It’s time to start improving your odds by applying for more jobs, dating more people and so on.

Some of us get lucky because we give ourselves a better chance. If you apply for one job, you might just not get it. If you apply for 5 or 10? You’ve got a better chance.

Don’t Dwell

If you spend all your time fretting about missed opportunities or worrying about the future, you’re going to miss out on present opportunities – and good luck.

So you need to stop thinking about the past and switch your focus to now. Think about how you can change your life, and make a decision today to start grabbing opportunities that could change your life forever.

Stay happy!

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